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Hey folks — if you’re looking for a little light Monday night reading, please consider two new blog posts I have up today:

My new Apex Publications blog on supernatural vs. psychological horror, and the often fine line between them: The Thin Gray Line.

Also, there’s a new installment of the Monday Night Monsters series, Inspirational Movies Part II.  To catch up on all the Monday Night Monsters posts so far, CLICK HERE

Another Brand-New, Never-Before-Published Short Story – MIA MOJA


I’m happy to announce that another brand new, never-before-published short story of mine, “Okiku,” will be appearing in Thunderstorm Books’ brand new limited edition anthology, Mia Moja, edited by Mike McBride and Nate Southard.  YAY!

From Thunderstorm’s website:

This book is a celebration of Thunderstorm’s 100th hardcover title.  It is edited by Michael McBride and Nate Southard and contains ten long stories (approximately 10,000 words each) by ten authors.  Included are Nate Southard, Shane McKenzie, Brian Keene, Gene O’Neill, Kelli Owen, JF Gonzalez, Bryan Smith, Ronald Kelly, Michael McBride, and Mary SanGiovanni.

Also, there are a couple of additions to the typical Black Voltage production, which includes color header pages for each story, higher end upgraded endsheets, several tip in sheets, including signatures from all ten authors, and an upgraded smoother bonded leather.

With this line up and only 80 copies being produced, it is sure to sell out quickly.  No other editions of this anthology as a whole will be produced.  No special editions, no trade hardcovers, no trade paperbacks.  Black Voltage #40, as inspired by Black Voltage #1, is about celebrating limited editions.

Copies are, I understand, very limited, so if you want a copy, I’d pick one up pretty quickly.

New, Never-Before-Published Short Story Available in Lamplight Magazine

So, I’m pleased to announce that I’m the featured artist in Volume II, Issue III of Lamplight Magazine, available in print and e-book formats.  My brand-new, never-before-published short story, “The Mime,” appears alongside an interview with me conducted by Jeff Heimbuch.  This issue also features a new installment of Jim Moore’s serialized novella, an article by J.F. Gonzalez, and fiction by
doung jai, Tim W Boiteau, Alethea Eason, and Lucy A Snyder. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy.

New Releases – CHAOS and FOR EMMY

I’m delighted to announce two new releases in paperback and e-book!

ForEmmyPB FrontFirst, reader favorite novella For Emmy is now available once again in paperback for only $5.34 and in ebook for only $1.99!
Sometimes no matter how vigilant you are, you can’t keep loved ones save. — Dana McCluskey and her father know very well that there can be dangers around every corner. They wanted to keep Emmy safe. — But it is impossible to see some dangers coming. And there are those corners that you’d never see, out-of-the-way places just beyond our grasp where loved ones can get very lost — and the danger there is very real indeed.
With artwork by the talented Daniele Serra.

chaosPBFrontAlso available for the first time in paperback  ($10.95) and e-book ($3.99) is my fifth novel, Chaos.
The Bridgewood Estates apartments are clean, modern and new—the perfect place for Myrinda and her boyfriend Derek to start a new life together. But the apartments have an extra feature not advertised—they’re built on a gateway to another world, an abyss of chaos from which horrific monsters known as the chaotic ones have come to spread their insanity sickness. As the tenants of Bridgewood descend into lunacy, unthinkable acts and violent deaths accumulate around Myrinda and Derek. They’ll have to fight Myrinda’s own growing madness or succumb to the whims of the chaotic ones.
I hope that you’ll consider picking up a copy of one or both of these, and as always, I hope you enjoy them.

And More Updates….

There are less than 10 copies left available of the hard cover version of The Fading Place. If you’d like to buy one before this limited edition goes out of print, you can pick one up HERE. You can also purchase the e-book version of this novella HERE.

Also, For Emmy is now available, at least in paperback.  I’m working on getting the e-book available, as well.

I’m hoping to have Chaos available for paperback and e-book soon, too — details to follow.

You can now purchase the audiobook version of The Hollower now as well as the audiobook of Thrall.

I’ve confirmed my appearance at WHC this year, so if you’ll be there, stop by and say hi!  And speaking of appearances watch this space for the Summer Scares Signing Tour….




The Fading Place – A New Review, Interview, and Limited Offer

Reader/Writer Gef Fox has been kind enough to review The Fading Place, and has said some pretty nice things — for example, that the story “doesn’t mince words and doesn’t slow down. It certainly served as a strong introduction to SanGiovanni’s work”.  Check out the full review HERE.

He also conducted an interview with me about the book, in which we talk about villains and monsters, Cujo, and being a mom.  You can check that out HERE.

Also, I have been informed that there are less than 10 copies left available of the hard cover version of The Fading Place.  If you’d like to buy one before this limited edition goes out of print, you can pick one up HERE.