About Mary SanGiovanni

Author of the Hollower trilogy, Thrall, Chaos, For Emmy, Possessing Amy, The Fading Place, and more.

Some News!

While the paperback version off my novel, ALIEN: ENEMY OF MY ENEMY, is steadily selling out in bookstores, you can still pick up an e-book or audiobook copy. So far, the stores where I’m doing signings with Brian Keene still seem to have copies, and so does Amazon. Pick one up in person, and I’ll sign it for you!

Also currently available are my novella, SHAPES OF NIGHT, in paperback, e-book, and audiobook, as well as the collection I co-wrote with Brian Keene, THINGS LEFT BEHIND, in paperback and e-book.

I’m pleased to announce that my cosmic horror haunted house novel, THE EVERYWHERE HOUSE, will be published by Thunderstorm Books. Ordering info to be announced.

I’m also delighted to let you know that I’ll be presenting a lecture/Q&A on cosmic horror for Apex Books’ Reach Your Apex online workshop series. You can get all the info and buy a ticket HERE.


Hi, everyone. I have a few quick updates to let you know about.

If you’re signed up for Borderlands Bootcamp, an email with details is forthcoming. I should have it within the next week or so.

If you’ve signed up for a personalized story, I’m working on them now. I hope to have them all done by Christmas. If you’re worried that your payment or request did not go through, email me and I’ll confirm for you.

I’m also working on a novel, four novellas, and a possible non-fiction book version of Cosmic Shenanigans, as well as planning a wedding. So yeah, busy and mostly staying out of trouble. :p

I will be doing a final signing of the year. Details are here. I hope to begin posting my 2023 tour for the ALIEN: ENEMY OF MY ENEMY release in December.

In the meantime, please check out my new message board at The Keenedom and my new newsletter.


Buzz Book Expo 2022 – Subscribe and Watch Free!

If you’re a reader, reviewer, bookseller, podcaster, librarian, publisher, or any other lover of books, you might be interested in Buzz Books Expo, an online book expo. Our goal is to give publishers from all over the world a chance to talk about their new horror releases for the upcoming year. While our focus is specifically on horror, we consider this to include paranormal and supernatural thrillers, dark fantasy, genre blends, and even non-fiction books about the horror genre. We would like to give a platform to diverse voices bringing new kinds of horror to readers through presentations, Q&As, interviews, and the like.

This year’s Buzz Book Expo, which will take place September 17-18th from 11am to 3 pm each day, will have announcements, news, premiering works, giveaways and more. Attendance is FREE!

If you’d like to be kept in the loop regarding the expo, please consider subscribing to The Buzz Books Expo Youtube channel for updates.

Borderlands Boot Camp Announcement

For 20 years, Borderlands Writers Boot Camp has been the premier workshop for aspiring horror writers, with a roster of past instructors including Thomas F. Monteleone, F. Paul Wilson, David Morrell, Richard Chizmar, Doug Winter, Ginjer Buchanan, Elizabeth Massie, and more.

This intense weekend program has produced dozens of the genre’s most notable names over the past two decades. We are proud to announce that Borderlands Writers Boot Camp is now part of the Scares That Care 501c3 charity’s family of events.

The 2023 Borderlands Writers Boot Camp will take place March 29 – 31 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Williamsburg, VA 23185. The event will feature two and 1/2 days of personal classroom time with a focus on writing, editing, submitting, & selling short stories. The instructors for 2023 are Brian Keene, myself, Maurice Broaddus, Jeff Strand, Norman Prentiss, and John Urbancik, several of whom are prior Borderlands Writers Boot Camp graduates. Tuition is $750 per student. Includes an intense 3-day workshop & classroom experience, and admission into AuthorCon II, taking place in the hotel following completion of Boot Camp, giving students an opportunity to immediately utilize the skills they’ve just learned.

Tickets will go on sale later this week via the Scares that Care AuthorCon II website. Deadline for registration will be January 31, 2023 (so don’t worry. You have time to set aside tuition). Admission is inclusive and open to all.

Updates — Appearances, Buzz Books, and More

Hi, folks! It’s been busy here as Brian and I recover from COVID and get back to the swing of things, but I wanted to post a few updates about some upcoming things I have going on.

Books: I’m working on a new novella as well as a sequel to Thrall. Both of these, I imagine, will be out next year, as will my Alien novel, Alien: Enemy of My Enemy, which you can preorder HERE.

Appearances: I’ve recently updated my Appearances page with some additional signings for 2022, as well as some for 2023 (more to be added as I do a mini book tour for the Alien novel). You can check out where I’ll be HERE.

Borderlands Boot Camp: You may or may not be aware that Brian Keene and I have recently taken over Borderlands Boot Camp. Mark your calendars! The 2023 dates are March 29-31. More details will follow next week.

Patreon: I’m still getting caught up, a bunch of new content, as well as a brand new, never-before-seen short story from me, has all been posted.

Buzz Books Expo: For publishers curious about Buzz Book Expo 2022, information will be going out within the next couple of days. We’re hoping to have some special announcements during the Expo as well.