CHILLS Release

Just a quick note to let folks know where they can pick up a copy of CHILLS, due to hit bookstores on Tuesday, September 27th:


“True Detective” meets H.P. Lovecraft in this chilling novel of murder, mystery, and slow-mounting dread from acclaimed author Mary SanGiovanni . . .

It begins with a freak snowstorm in May. Hit hardest is the rural town of Colby, Connecticut. Schools and businesses are closed, powerlines are down, and police detective Jack Glazier has found a body in the snow. It appears to be the victim of a bizarre ritual murder. It won’t be the last. As the snow piles up, so do the sacrifices. Cut off from the rest of the world, Glazier teams up with an occult crime specialist to uncover a secret society hiding in their midst.

The gods they worship are unthinkable. The powers they summon are unstoppable. And the things they will do to the good people of Colby are utterly, horribly unspeakable…

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered a copy of CHILLS and would like to, here are some places you can find one:








Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered one — it is very much appreciated.

Appearance at Edgar Allan Poe Museum

This weekend I will be appearing at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA with Brian Keene. We will be giving a talk on Poe’s influence on modern horror fiction, followed by a Q&A. We’ll also have books on hand for folks to buy and get signed, or we will sign copies that you bring along with you. We certainly hope that if you’re in the area, you’ll come out and see us.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Talk/Q&A and Book Signing with Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni
July 27, 2014, 2-5pm
1914 E Main St
Richmond, VA 23223

New, Never-Before-Published Short Story Available in Lamplight Magazine

So, I’m pleased to announce that I’m the featured artist in Volume II, Issue III of Lamplight Magazine, available in print and e-book formats.  My brand-new, never-before-published short story, “The Mime,” appears alongside an interview with me conducted by Jeff Heimbuch.  This issue also features a new installment of Jim Moore’s serialized novella, an article by J.F. Gonzalez, and fiction by
doung jai, Tim W Boiteau, Alethea Eason, and Lucy A Snyder. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy.

THE FADING PLACE Available for Preorders

If you’re interesting in picking up my newest novella from DarkFuse, The Fading Place is now available for pre-order. The feedback I’ve received so far from reviewers has been good, so I think you’ll like this one. And it looks like you can get it at a discount if you pre-order now. I hope you’ll consider buying a copy. Or two. Or twelve (for family and friends). 🙂

New Short Story Collection Available in Print and Kindle


Just wanted to let folks know that my new short story collection, A Darkling Plain, is now available in both paperback and Kindle for incredibly affordable prices.  This book collects some of my best and most difficult-to-find short fiction, including:

“Kins”   *   “The Nurses of Haversham”   *   “The Eleventh Hour Syndrome”

“Andi”   *   “Skincatchers ”   *   “Deadsies”    *   “The Amazing Morpheus”

“Goth and Crow”   *   “The Days After the World Went Away”   *   “Letting Go”

Story notes from the author

I hope you’ll consider picking this up and giving it a read.  I look forward to hearing what you think!

“Kill You” Winners and a Teaser

I’m pleased to announce the following people who purchased a hardcover limited edition copy of my newest novel, Chaos, have won the drawing for (the dubious honor of) being killed off in my next Thunderstorm novel:

H. Casper

Jason Houghton

Chris Oxer

Sabas Moreno, Jr.

Dominic Gasbarro 

Congratulations to the winners!  I look forward to killing you off as characters in my next novel! 😀 And thank you so much for allowing me the use of your names.  Also, as a small legal aside, Paul Goblirsch of Thunderstorm Books has likely already contacted you asking for official permission for the use of your names; if you haven’t already and would still like to be among my newest victims, please make sure you do relay that permission to Paul.  Thanks!

Also, I wanted to announce that my upcoming fiction collection, A Darkling Plain, will be available next month in both paperback and e-book.


This book is a collection of various short story reprints, many of which are difficult-to-impossible to find.  In addition to story notes at the end about each, the collection TOC is as follows:


“The Nurses of Haversham”

“The Eleventh Hour Syndrome”




“The Amazing Morpheus”

“Goth and Crow”

“The Days After the World Went Away”

“Letting Go”

I sincerely hope you’ll consider picking this one up when it becomes available.


Chaos HC and Backlist Paperbacks/E-Books Available Now!

I’m pleased to announce my backlist is back in print!  You can purchase copies of the Hollower trilogy books and Thrall in both paperback and e-book.  Also, there are still a few copies of Chaos left available, if you’d like to pick one up before they’re all gone….