Buzz Book Expo 2022 – Subscribe and Watch Free!

If you’re a reader, reviewer, bookseller, podcaster, librarian, publisher, or any other lover of books, you might be interested in Buzz Books Expo, an online book expo. Our goal is to give publishers from all over the world a chance to talk about their new horror releases for the upcoming year. While our focus is specifically on horror, we consider this to include paranormal and supernatural thrillers, dark fantasy, genre blends, and even non-fiction books about the horror genre. We would like to give a platform to diverse voices bringing new kinds of horror to readers through presentations, Q&As, interviews, and the like.

This year’s Buzz Book Expo, which will take place September 17-18th from 11am to 3 pm each day, will have announcements, news, premiering works, giveaways and more. Attendance is FREE!

If you’d like to be kept in the loop regarding the expo, please consider subscribing to The Buzz Books Expo Youtube channel for updates.