Some News!

While the paperback version off my novel, ALIEN: ENEMY OF MY ENEMY, is steadily selling out in bookstores, you can still pick up an e-book or audiobook copy. So far, the stores where I’m doing signings with Brian Keene still seem to have copies, and so does Amazon. Pick one up in person, and I’ll sign it for you!

Also currently available are my novella, SHAPES OF NIGHT, in paperback, e-book, and audiobook, as well as the collection I co-wrote with Brian Keene, THINGS LEFT BEHIND, in paperback and e-book.

I’m pleased to announce that my cosmic horror haunted house novel, THE EVERYWHERE HOUSE, will be published by Thunderstorm Books. Ordering info to be announced.

I’m also delighted to let you know that I’ll be presenting a lecture/Q&A on cosmic horror for Apex Books’ Reach Your Apex online workshop series. You can get all the info and buy a ticket HERE.