News About CHILLS

A few news tidbits about my new upcoming novel, Chills:

First, I’d like to note that yes, Chills is the Kensington (Lyrica Imprint) e-book/paperback version of my novel, The Blue People, which originally appeared in hardcover late last year from Thunderstorm Books.  However, this version contains a new title, new cover art, and about 4000 words of additional story.  It is the first of two books I am contracted to write for Kensington.

The official publication date of Chills, I’m told, will be September 27, 2016.

However, I’m pleased to say that the Kindle edition appears to be available for pre-order now! Click RIGHT HERE to get your copy. You can also get the Kobo version HERE.  I’m pretty excited about this book, so I hope you’ll consider getting one.

Here’s the new cover:


Appearances for 2016

Well, it’s the new year.  I’ve vowed to make 2016 a productive year, perhaps more productive than years past.  There are a lot of home-life changes happening this year, as well, which will require attention and money.  However, writing has been a rock for me since I was a child.  It’s one of the magicks of the universe — I believe that — and one that I aim to become good at before I leave the mortal world.  Starting this year.

Regarding appearances, I plan to make the most of the time I have available for getting out and meeting readers and fans.  I’m working on getting together a definitive list of places where I’ll be this year, but one has already been confirmed:

Guest Appearance
Jersey City Writers Genre Night – “The Horror of Love”
February 17, 2016, 7-10pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)
Art House
136 Magnolia Avenue,
Jersey City, NJ

Approximate schedule times for the night’s events are as follows:

7:10-7:40 – Talk/reading by Mary SanGiovanni
7:40-7:55 – Q&A with Mary SanGiovanni
7:55-8:05 – Break (and book signing)
8:05-9:30 – Readings of short stories by local authors
9:30-10:00 – Book signing/mingling
I’ll be adding more appearances as they are confirmed – check the Appearances page for details.


This Week – a Book and a Book Festival

This week, the limited edition hard cover of my newest novel, The Blue People, will go on sale.  If you like large scary monsters and alternate dimensions as much as you like police procedurals and cult goings-on, then you’ll want to pick up a copy of this book.

From the acclaimed author of cosmic horror, Mary SanGiovanni, comes a new supernatural thriller which will make your blood run cold….

The worst snow storm of the year has just hit Colby, Connecticut. But this is no ordinary storm. For one thing, it’s almost June, and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon. Schools and businesses have closed, power has gone out in some places, cell phone reception is limited and Internet access is down.

There is also a number of dead bodies accumulating with the snow, and countless other townsfolk have gone missing. There are killers out there in the dark and cold of Colby. The human ones are intent on ushering in an evil the likes of which this world has never seen. But the ones that are not human have far worse plans in store.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Jack Glazer and Kathy Ryan are heading a task force to investigate and put a stop to the killings in Colby. They are trapped with the cultists who have brought the storm to town through occult means, and they are running out of time and resources to survive. As the number of innocent townsfolk diminishes, the strength and amount of snow seems to increase, and terrible things are howling and swirling through those growing drifts, intent on spilling blood. Though Jack and Kathy fear their team may be hopelessly underprepared for a fight to save the world, they are determined to stop the murder cult at the heart of the storm before everything and everyone they love is buried under in an arctic hell forever.


Also, don’t forget about that thing you’re doing this Saturday.  No, not that thing.  I mean the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival.  I’ll be there signing books from 1-4:30 pm and then on a panel.  There will be a whole slew of amazing authors there, also signing books and doing panels and other bookish things.  If you’re in the area, then definitely come by and say hi!

UPDATE: A note on the MVHBF – This is shaping up to be a popular and well-attended event. To be guaranteed admission, grab yourself a free ticket and get there by 1 pm. Tickets can still be acquired free by clicking on  If you are unable to get a ticket or if you arrive after 1pm, admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis. We have every reason to believe that everyone will get inside, but once the venue has reached its legally mandated capacity, new arrivals will only be allowed in once other attendees have left the building. We do expect turnover over the course of the day.

*If you have a ticket or tickets but find you will not be able to attend, please contact Chris Golden directly.

*There are no concessions at the venue, though our program will have a coupon for a restaurant across the street and there are others nearby.

*Also, ACT Theater is in a converted industrial space at Osgood Landing in North Andover. When you arrive, stay to the right of the main building and proceed to the back of the industrial park. ACT is in one of the two smaller buildings at the rear of the lot on that side. You may think you’ve come to the wrong place, but trust us, we’ll be there.

Writing News – The Blue People and More

So now that the contracts are signed, I can officially announce that my newest novel, The Blue People, will be published very soon.  The initial printing will be in limited edition hard cover by Thunderstorm Books.  I don’t have an official date on when the book will be out, but I believe it will be within the next two months.  It will be featuring gorgeously creepy cover art by Vinnie Chong.

Further, I have signed on for a two-book deal with an imprint of Kensington Books, for e-book and, I believe, print versions of  two of my books. The first of these will be The Blue People.  The Kensington versions will include additional text, so if you’re a collector of my stuff, you may want to consider picking up both the Thunderstorm and the Kensington versions.  This book also includes the brief lives and gruesome deaths of last year’s Thunderstorm giveaway winners.  If you’re curious about the book, here’s some cover copy:

Late in an unseasonably cold and snowy May in Colby, Connecticut, police find a John Doe murdered in an occult ritualistic fashion.  The homicide detectives bring in Kathy Ryan, an expert on occult and ritual murders who happens to specialize in the obscure and arcane, particularly the religious sects dealing with belief in gods and monsters from beyond the edges of the known universe.  Kathy, who was physically scarred by her serial killer brother back when she was a teen, recognizes some of the occult symbolism found at the crime scene as that which is used by the Hand of the Black Stars cult (of which her brother had been a member).  On digging deeper, she discovers that the strange snow and ice storm which seems to be engulfing the area, as well as the grisly murders and disappearances of other townsfolk, are related to the cult.  The HBS has begun casting a “cleansing” spell” which summons the Blue People, entities with immense power who, with their snow and ice and their strange and terrible assortment of fantastic ice creatures, look to destroy everything living to make way for greater beings.

The second book through Kensington will be my current novel in progress, The Elemental.  This is a creature/ghost story of sorts that takes place in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  More on this one soon.

Some other writing news includes the honor of having two of my short stories, “The Mime” and “Okiku,” included in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year anthology rec list.  For those who are unfamiliar with it, it is essentially a recommended reading list of notable stories for the year, included in the anthology.  It delights me to be included this year.

Regarding appearances, I am in the process of lining up some for 2016.  As for this year, I will be appearing at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival in two weeks:

Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival
October 3, 2015, 1-7:30pm
ACT Theater Company
1632 Osgood Street
Osgood Landing
North Andover, MA 01845

I’ll be signing books from 1-4:30pm, I believe, and I will also be on a panel at 5pm: We Get the Horror We Deserve—Joe Hill, Brian Keene, Izzy Lee, Mary SanGiovanni, Bracken MacLeod (M)

I think it will be a lot of fun and I certainly hope you can attend.

October Appearance at Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival

On Saturday, October 3rd, I’ll one of the authors signing and speaking at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival (which, incidentally, is *free* and open to the public), hosted by author and good friend Christopher Golden. Most of my closest friends and absolute favorite people are going to be there, and I’m very excited.

You should be there, too! As Chris describes it, The Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival involves Horror and Suspense authors from New England – and all around the Northeast U.S. – who will be selling and signing books throughout the event, as well as participating in panel discussions in the theater about New England Horror Tradition, what makes something scary, new fears, and childhood terrors. The event will conclude with a quintet of authors doing a live reading of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The book festival is taking place at ACT Theater Company, 1632 Osgood Street, Osgood Landing, North Andover, MA 01845. on 10/3/15 from 1pm-7:30pm.

Who else will be there, you ask? Why, an abundance of talent and wit the likes of which New England can only just barely handle all in one theater, including:

Dana Cameron
Glenn Chadbourne
Jason Ciaramella
Christopher Golden
Gardner Goldsmith
Scott Goudsward
Jack M. Haringa
Holly Newstein Hautala
Joe Hill
Kat Howard
Brian Keene
Toni L.P. Kelner
John Langan
Sarah Langan
Izzy Lee
Kelly Link
Bracken MacLeod
John M. McIlveen
Errick Danger Nunnally
Leigh Perry
Mary SanGiovanni
Thomas Sniegoski
Paul Tremblay
Rio Youers

Sponsored by ACT Theater Company, Andover Bookstore, and Vicious Circle. *FREE, and open to the public!* Be there. Bring a friend.

A full schedule of panels and signing times to come!

Podcast Interview with The Horror Show with Brian Keene

This evening, on the newest podcast episode of Project iRadio’s The Horror Show with Brian Keene, I am interviewed as a guest by co-hosts Brian Keene and Dave “Meteornotes” Thomas.  In the episode, we talk about Amazon, social anxiety, absinthe, the CIA, the secret of life, The Hollower trilogy’s possible influence on the Slenderman trend, and a slew of other subjects, including an exclusive super-secret announcement.  I very much enjoyed being interviewed and sincerely hope you’ll be listening when it airs tonight.

With a listening audience of considerable magnitude and award nominations in its first year of existence, The Horror Show with Brian Keene podcast talks about news, books, movies, games, people, politics, and just about anything else related to the horror genre.  If you’re interested in tuning in, you can subscribe on iTunes as I have done, check it out on the Project iRadio website, or go through Roku.  This way you can catch my ep at any time, and check out all the previous ones, too.

And if you do tune in to listen, please let me know what you think!