Book Trivia

In CHILLS, the cult which Kathy’s brother belongs to, the cult responsible for the supernatural happenings in Colby, CT, once had a church in the town of Thrall, NJ.  No one is quite sure what happened to the church members — they all disappeared the day most of Thrall’s inhabitants went missing — but so far as anyone knows, their church building, one of the original structures of the town, has remained standing in Thrall.

There is a language mentioned in THE HOLLOWER, THE TRIUMVIRATE, THRALL, CHILLS, NO SONGS FOR THE STARS, and SAVAGE WOODS which is visually three-dimensional, vaguely hieroglyphic and also somewhat arabesque. It is actually an ancient inter-dimensional language understood by those monsters capable of traveling between dimensions, and is used, among other things, to open and close doors to other universes. It can also summon the gods of other universes, and is so powerful that it is seldom ever spoken or written at length, even by those whose throats can actually pronounce or construct the words.

Nadia Richards, the companion of the main character Jesse Coaglan in THRALL, is actually the niece of Detective Anita DeMarco from THE HOLLOWER. DeMarco mentions to a friend a road trip her niece is taking to somewhere in northern New Jersey.

Captain Stan Mallon, the police captain in my upcoming novel SAVAGE WOODS, is acquainted from his days a a patrol officer with the policemen who picked up Carpenter outside of Thrall after his granddaughter went missing.  Likewise, Bennie Mendez of THE TRIUMVIRATE also knows these policemen.  They were, in fact, the ones who taught Mendez the art of handling strange cases in New Jersey of supernatural happenings (by essentially spinning the story a way that will be acceptable to higher-ups and then largely putting them out of one’s mind).  For safety’s sake, a small, closely guarded group of cops in Bloomwood County, which includes Lakehaven, Wexton, Thrall, and other nearby towns, monitor these strange happenings, but seldom involve other police unless they have to.  There is the implication that the police officers Jesse and Nadia run into at a diner prior to arriving in Thrall are those officers, or at least know them.

One of the old folks in my upcoming Kensington book BEHIND THE DOOR, a character named Bill Grainger, is a great-uncle to one of the main characters in SAVAGE WOODS, a police officer named Pete Grainger. While they are not terribly close, Bill is proud of his sister’s grandson, more proud than the boy’s own father ever was. The men might have been even closer if they were aware that each has had his own terrifying experiences with the supernatural.

Kathy Ryan, my freelance occult consultant featured in CHILLS and the forthcoming BEHIND THE DOOR, is an acquaintance of Captain Stan Mallon from SAVAGE WOODS as well as the police officers she interacts with in the other two books.

Also, North Shore Road (Highway 509), which appears in THE ANATHAMA CELL, leads through Wexton (the town next to Thrall), Lakehaven (where THE HOLLOWER takes place), Ashfield (where THE FADING PLACE partially takes place), and Bloomwood.