Short Fiction

C O L L E C T E D  F I C T I O N

NIGHT MOVES     June 2017, Post Mortem Press
From award-winning author Mary SanGiovanni comes a collection of some of her best short fiction to date. NIGHT MOVES is a frightening journey through the shadowed and often deadly lands that overlap our world…and others. Love and loss, self-respect and self-image, obsession and compulsion, and the things that drive people slowly insane carve a path through the darkness:

. An ancient, silent evil from beneath an abandoned theater hunts those who invaded its sanctuary.
. A mother’s grief opens a door to a realm of shadows.
. The death of a woman’s fiancee initiates a fate worse than death.
. An apartment in a run-down building contains the darkest secrets of known and unknown universes.
. A wellness retreat in the woods becomes ground zero for a horrible otherworldly discovery.
. A grown woman’s loss of her teeth, one by one, is only the beginning of the unthinkable changes in her life.
. A traumatic memory comes back to haunt a woman who had run all the way to Japan to try to escape from her own guilt and loneliness.
. Ancient gods and monsters abound in small towns of Americana past and of the not-too-distant future.

It is indeed funny how the night moves, and in it, the monsters are closing in….

A DARKLING PLAIN     October 2013 Thunderstorm Books





UNDER COVER OF NIGHT     2002, Flesh & Blood Press


“The Giant’s Table” to appear in In Darkness, Delight, 2019

“The Memory of Trees” to appear in Hex Life, 2019


“We Sang in Darkness” appeared in Welcome to the Show, 2018

“The Hundred Years’ Sleep” appeared in A Mythos Grimmly: A Lovecraftian Fairy Tale Anthology, 2015.

“The Last Things to Go” (co-written by Brian Keene) appeared in the anthology Library of the Dead (also contains Afterword written in memory of J.F. Gonzalez), Apr. 2015.

“The Floodgates of Willowhill” appeared in the anthology Shadows Over Main Street, Jan. 2015.

“No Songs for the Stars” appeared as a limited edition chapbook through White Noise Press, Oct. 2014.

“The Mime” appeared in Lamplight Magazine, Volume II, Issue III, Mar. 2014.

“Okiku” appeared in Mia Moja anthology, Thunderstorm Books, Mar. 2014.

“The Anathema Cell” appeared as a limited edition chapbook from Camelot Books, June 2013.

“Baby Teeth” appeared as supplemental chapbook with purchase of Is There a Demon in You?

“The Nurses of Haversham” appeared in Literary Mayhem, October 2010; reprinted with HCLE For Emmy

“The Days After the World Went Away” appeared in Inhuman #4, 2009

“Andi” appeared in Legends of the Mountain State 2, September 2008

“The Doom that Came to Jack H. Aringa” appeared in Jack Haringa Must Die! (to support the Shirley Jackson Awards), June 2008

“Letting Go” appeared on Horrorworld (, May 2008

“The Eleventh Hour Syndrome” appeared in Space and Time Magazine #100, spring 2007

“Kins” appeared in Postscripts #9, December 2006

“Goth and Crow” appeared in the GSHW anthology Dark Notes From NJ, April 2005

“Outside the Box” appeared in Small Bites (to benefit Charles Grant), September 2004

“Dark, Sacred Night” (a collaboration with Shikhar Dixit) appeared in the GSHW anthology Tales From a Darker State, October 2003

“Skincatchers” was reprinted in Horrorfind II, August 2003

“Dust Shadows of the Dead” appeared in Black October Magazine #3, August 2002

“The Amazing Morpheus” appeared in Twilight Tales’ Freaks, Geeks, and Sideshow Floozies, April/August 2002

“Eden’s Gates” appeared in Lone Wolf Publications’ anthology Stones, January 2002

“Skincatchers” appeared on, May 2001

“Pandora’s Music Box” appeared in the Undersiders’ anthology Objet D’Evil, 2000.

“Fury” appeared in December Girl Press’s anthology Crime Spree, 2000.