Quick Update Before Stormpocalypse

What they are now calling Superstorm Sandy (sounds kind of like a comic-book villain, doesn’t it?) is likely going to knock out power/internet access/common sense all along the east coast by tonight, so I wanted to post a quick update.

I expect before the end of the year to have the e-book versions of The Hollower, Found You, and The Triumvirate available at least for Kindle.  I’m working with folks now to make that happen.  

I am also working on a new as-yet-untitled novel to be turned in the first quarter of next year, for publication in 2013. 

I’m still anticipating publication of my longish short story, “The Anathema Cell,” in the near future.

Finally, I am working on another collection of short fiction/novellas that will be primarily previously unpublished material.  This, too, is currently untitled, but I’m planning on it being available for Kindle, at least.

Details on all these projects will be posted here as things are finalized.

Hang in there and stay safe in the storm.  See you where it’s high and dry!

HOLLOWER Books Almost Sold Out!

Thunderstorm Books reports that there are only two remaining copies of the Hard Rain ($35) version of The Triumvirate left, so if you were waiting on picking up a copy, now would be the time to move on it.  Also, there are only two complete matching sets of The Hollower Trilogy (this includes The Hollower, Found You, and The Triumvirate).  You can contact Paul Goblirsch and make him an offer on these if you want to get them before they’re gone.  He also has a couple of “broken” sets or individual books available — this may be your last chance to match up your books.



I just wanted to let folks know that Thunderstorm Books is down to single digit numbers of copies left in the Hollower Collectors’ Set (Supercell Series) copies of The Hollower and Found You.  If you want to pick up copies, now is the time.

Also, as a reminder, if you’re looking to pick up only the third book in the trilogy, The Triumvirate, it should be available late June/early July as a part of the Hard Rain series.  This book ties in Thrall and For Emmy, as well as wrapping up the Hollower stories and explaining a good deal of background about the Hollowers as well as a number of other monsters in Bloomwood County, NJ, both past and forthcoming.

Miscellaneous Thoughts Post

Just a quick couple of thoughts:

I noticed that For Emmy‘s sales went up on Amazon. I wonder if that’s connected to my appearing in Little Miss Zombie’s 50 Kindle Horror Books Written by Women. It’s a great list, and I’m honored to be appearing on it with so many women I like and admire.


The Hollower is now down to about 20 copies; I can’t say when or if the trilogy will be appearing in paperback or digital, so if you want them, my suggestion is to get them now.


For those following the abhorrent recent actions and sad downward spiral of Dorchester Books, BK has some new information on his website.  It is most definitely worth reading, not just for Leisure and other Dorchester authors, but for all writers.  My advice: know the publisher.  Talk to the authors who work with them.  And also, make sure to work into your contract a reversion clause, if possible.  Three years, five years, in writing, whatever the terms — make sure you KNOW who gets what, and for how long,


I’m working on a new novel, as yet untitled (but it’s supernatural) and a novella which, in a change of pace for me, will not be supernatural.  So far, so good.  For inspiration, I have also been trying to catch up on my reading, starting with books and short stories I should have read long ago, interspersed with anthologies, at least, of today’s top horror fiction.  It’s really renewed my excitement of writing through a sense of nostalgia for a time when, essentially, I was just a fan.  I tend to think that never goes away, being a fan first and a practitioner second.  Being a fan makes you an avid reader, and makes that reading, which is as much a part of writing as inhaling is a part of breathing, an enjoyable thing and not work.  Writing is the work.  It’s freakin awesome work, it’s the best work on the planet, and it’s fun, but it is work.  It takes time and patience and persistence of learning.  But when you write something that makes you feel the same elation, maybe even the same nostalgia as when you read your old favorites — you write for that.  Always.


Part of my reading has been old TZ Magazine issues (BK thoughtfully completed my collection by buying me the entire run for Christmas one year, and I love them).  I enjoy reading the interviews (this issue had one with Robert Bloch) and the short stories, seeing the editors talk about Stephen King almost as if he’s the new kid on the block they’re all proud of, reading the affable and humorous tones in the book and movie reviews.  There’s a part of me that kind of wishes I could have had a chance at submitting to/getting published in this magazine, alongside these greats.  I wish I could have met people like Robert Bloch, Karl Edward Wagner, etc.  I guess I want to be ageless and timeless and have enjoyed the history of commercial horror fiction as much as the present and future.  What I do find funny about reading through these old magazines and anthologies is that there were the same complaints and dramas then as there are now; like the old saying says, as much as things change, they stay the same.  There’s something kind of comforting in that; I guess when you’re in the midst of such a revolutionary time — tech-wise, war-wise, medicine-wise, society-wise — it’s nice to know publishing has, as evidenced by editorials, always been on the brink of explosion/implosion/annihilation at the hands tentacles of rabid pygmy sharktoctopi.


Guess that’s all for now.  Go out and enjoy the beautiful day. 🙂

THE HOLLOWER 2/3 Sold Out!

If you’re thinking of picking up one of the signed limiteds of The Hollower, now is the time.  I’m told that 2/3 of the 85 copies have already sold.

As previously mentioned, since these books were designed to be a complete set with covers that create one large, gorgeous  piece of art by David Ho, in purchasing this, you’re automatically signed up to purchase the re-release of Found You in May and the new, never-before-published third book, The Triumvirate in July, so you’re guaranteed a complete set.

If you’re thinking of picking up a copy, you can put your order in here, or join in discussions about The Hollower, Thrall, For Emmy, or any other Thunderstorm books products here.

THE HOLLOWER Available NOW From Thunderstorm Books

The Hollower Trilogy has begun!

The beautifully re-released signed hard cover of the trilogy’s first book, The Hollower, is now available through Thunderstorm Books’ Supercell Series. This edition is limited to 85 copies and is expected to sell fast. Since these books were designed to be a complete set with cover art that creates one large, visually stunning piece of art, in purchasing this, you’re automatically signed up to purchase the re-release of Found You in May and the new, never-bef0re-published third book, The Triumvirate in July, so you’re guaranteed a complete set! (Those who wish to purchase only The Triumvirate can do so as part of the Hard Rain series.)

If you liked the original Hollower series or if you’re interested in trying it for the first time, now is the time to get these books.  They are the author’s preferred text versions, with incredible cover art by David Ho, and newly included author’s notes about each book.

HOLLOWER Books Announcement

This year my previous Hollower novels, The Hollower and Found You, will be reissued in limited edition hardcover as part of the Supercell Series with beautiful cover art by David Ho.  In addition, a third, brand-new Hollower book, The Triumvirate, will be released for the first time in LE HC in mid-2012 as well.  There will be some special goodies for the collectors regarding the trilogy to be announced later, but I can tell you that The Hollower is slated for release on February 20th.  Watch here or at Thunderstorm Books for details.