News, Appearances, and Reader Goodies

I wanted to let folks know that my newest novel, Beyond the Gate, is now available for pre-order. This is the fourth book in the Kathy Ryan series and one of the wildest yet, and may be the last Kathy Ryan book for a little while, at least. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy.

You can pre-order it HERE.

Also, I’ve been revamping my website, as you may have noticed. I’ve included a page for reader/fan goodies — things like concept art, fan art, maps, trivia, Easter eggs, histories, and anything else I think might appeal to readers. If you’d like to contribute something in the way of fan art, by all means, let me know, and I’ll post your work there for others to ooh and ahh at and admire.

Regarding upcoming appearances, I’ve recently updated my Appearances page. I know my schedule is a little light this year, but a combination of getting more work done and saving some money has compelled me to pick and choose very carefully. If you’ll be at any of these upcoming events, please stop by and say hi! I’ll have copies of my new book, Inside the Asylum, as well as a bunch of others, and will be signing whatever folks bring along for me. I hope to see you!

One final thing — Brian Keene, Damien Angelica Walters, Gwendolyn Kiste, and I will beteaching a Lit Reactor workshop, THE HORROR, THE HORROR VIII, late this summer. I believe spots are available if you’d like to sign up.