Appearance at Edgar Allan Poe Museum

This weekend I will be appearing at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA with Brian Keene. We will be giving a talk on Poe’s influence on modern horror fiction, followed by a Q&A. We’ll also have books on hand for folks to buy and get signed, or we will sign copies that you bring along with you. We certainly hope that if you’re in the area, you’ll come out and see us.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Talk/Q&A and Book Signing with Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni
July 27, 2014, 2-5pm
1914 E Main St
Richmond, VA 23223

Some Updates

Hi, folks.  A few quick updates:

First, thanks to everyone who came out to see us this past weekend at Scares That Care. I understand the charity made some money for needy families, and that makes me happy.  A special thanks to the organizers for putting on such a fun weekend for such a worthwhile cause.

Second, I will be at NECon in two weeks — more info on programming and whatnot to follow.  Further, I will be making an appearance with Brian Keene at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA this month as well.  Brian and I will be signing books and doing a Q&A with audience members.

A signed, limited edition hard cover version of my recent short story collection, A Darkling Plain, should be available soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Shadows over Main StreetA few of my short stories will be appearing in various anthologies and chapbook venues in the next couple of months. I can’t get into details about all of them, but I can tell you that my short story, “The Floodgates of Willowhill,” will be appearing in the anthology Shadows Over Main Street, edited by Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward.  There are some phenomenal authors in this one, so I hope you’ll consider checking it out.




Finally, a teaser from the new novel, The Blue People:

They seemed to be made of a translucent blue, somewhat crystalline substance that molded itself, at will, into the semblance of a tall, gaunt person-shape. This shape, with its long, rather sharp features, was swathed in an assortment of sapphire folds of plush cloth embroidered, or so it looked, with silvery-white threads, so that only the skeletal head and hands could be seen. In the cavernous sockets of their eyes was a deep blackness that seemed almost a tangible thing.

The being in front opened its mouth and the others followed suit; a bright light issued from their throats and carried their voices in unison to her. “We were summoned.”


New Fiction and New Appearances

I’ve been told that in about a week, the link will go live for ordering the LE HC of my new novel, Chaos.  A little about the book:

Chaos - FRONT COVER From the author of the Hollower Trilogy and Thrall comes a terrifying new novel of madness and horror….

The Bridgewood Estates apartments are clean, modern and new—the perfect place for Myrinda and her boyfriend Derek to start a new life together. But the apartments have an extra feature not advertised—they’re built on a gateway to another world, an abyss of chaos from which horrific monsters known as the chaotic ones have come to spread their insanity sickness. As the tenants of Bridgewood descend into lunacy, unthinkable acts and violent deaths accumulate around Myrinda and Derek. They’ll have to fight Myrinda’s own growing madness or succumb to the whims of the chaotic ones.

Also, I have just received word that my 10k novelette, “Okiku,” will be appearing alongside some very awesome writers in an upcoming anthology.  I’ll be posting details about that as soon as I’m allowed to and I know more about ordering and such.

And speaking of 10k stories, I will have copies of “The Anathema Cell” chapbooks, as well as some copies of my other novels, for sale and signing at this Saturday’s upcoming charity event, Creator Cookout, hosted by Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA.  During this event, comic book creators and novelists talk, sign, and cook for fans while taking donations for the Central PA Food Bank. Please join Brian Keene, Mike Hawthorne, J.F. Gonzalez, Andrew Griffith, Dirk Shearer, Jess Eppley, Brandon Perlow, Karl Bollers, possibly Rick Leonardi, and me on Saturday, August 24th at Comix Connection 6200 Carlisle Pike, Suite C, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Bring a donation of canned food for the Central PA food bank, and you’ll be entered into a prize drawing (one entry per each food item donated).

What’s New and What’s Available

For those with an burning desire to pick up something new to read (uh…by me, hopefully), then may I make some suggestions?

My short story “The Anathema Cell,” a horror/sf story collected in a lovely chapbook format from Camelot Books, is still available for purchase in either hardcover or softcover.

You can also purchase Is There a Demon in You?, which not only includes my novella Possessing Amy, but also three other excellent novellas by Brian Keene, Nate Southard, and Wrath James White.

From what I gather, one of my scariest/most haunting books to date, based on reader/reviewer feedback, is my novella, For Emmy, which is still currently available either as a hardcover or softcover through Camelot books, or as an e-book on Amazon.

A few copies (very limited in number, I suspect) of the Hollower trilogy omnibus, a gorgeous collection of all three Hollower books with the hauntingly perfect art of David Ho, are still available according to Camelot Books, as are a few copies (also, I believe, very limited in number) of the limited edition hardcover of Thrall, with Vincent Chong’s incredible cover art.

Speaking of Thrall, which still remains one of my personal favorites, you can buy the audiobook version or the e-book version on Amazon.  If you’re looking for a place to start with my work, I’d recommend this one.

I’ve also made some changes to the website, as you might have noticed if you peek at the menu bar to your right. Those little book cover images should make it easier for you to see/purchase my currently available books.

Regarding future work, Chaos, my newest (and probably darkest) novel is going into production and I think it should be out sometime in the fall, though I don’t have an exact date yet.  My novella, The Fading Place, should be out in February of 2014.  Following that will be two novellas (one is my first real foray into a monster classic, a werewolf story) and at least one if not two new novels.

And for those of you who have been asking, I’m proud to say negotiations are underway to bring you reasonably priced, accessible e-book and print versions of The Hollower, Found You, and The Triumvirate, However, this is still in negotiations and I don’t have anything close yet to release dates on them.

Also, a short story of mine will be collected in an upcoming anthology chock full of some really great writers.  More on that soon….


Updates and Appearances

It’s been a while since I updated the site and I apologize for that; I’ve been in the process of moving from NJ to PA and reconnecting all the wires that a move like that requires. However, I do have some news on the writing front:

* T-shirts will be mailed without fail this weekend.  They are packed, addressed, and in my car, awaiting postage.

* On August 18th, I’ll be at the 5th Annual Creator Cookout, which takes place at Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA. This awesome event is held to raise canned goods and money for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Bring a canned goods donation and you can get stuff signed, eat for free, and hang out with a lot of great folks.  Guests include Brian Keene, Mike Hawthorne, Duane Swierczynski, Dirk Shearer, Kelli Owen, and me.

* I understand that Thrall is now available as a CD audiobook through AudioRealms’ horror imprint, Dark Realms.  Negotiations are in the works for audiobook adaptations of other works of mine.  News to follow.

* Upcoming publications include a chapbook of my story “The Anathema Chamber,” which has never appeared anywhere, nor is likely to for a while.  Possible upcoming publications include a paperback version of Thrall and Kindle versions of at least one short story collection.  I am also 1/3 of the way through a brand-new novel.

Looking forward to this last quarter of 2013 — I think it’s going to be an exciting beginning to a great new life down here in PA.  I appreciate all the support and help I’ve gotten from fans and friends alike during the transition. (hug)  You folks are great.

Mo*Con Report and GSHW Appearance Reminder

I just got back from Mo*Con yesterday. It was an amazing time.  I laughed until my sides hurt, and also talked about writing and the impact of race, religion, spirituality, sex/gender, orientation, and personal experience on our work.  I had a wonderful time talking shop and cracking jokes with Maurice and Sally Broaddus, Nate Southard, Mary Robinette Kowal, Chesya Burke, Rodney, Jim Cobb, Jerry Gordon, Micheles Lee and Pendergast, Michael West, Gary Braunbeck, Lucy Snyder, and so, so many more.  It really was a privilege to have been invited as a Guest of Honor.  Thank you especially to Maurice, Sally, and Rodney, and to the whole Mo*Con team for making my first time as Guest of Honor anywhere so special.

Speaking of appearances, for those of you in the NJ/eastern PA area, I will be giving a talk to my old beloved writing group, the Garden State Horror Writers, next Saturday, May 12th.  The meeting starts at 11am at the East Brunswick Public Library, and I will probably go on around 12pm.  My topic is The Esoteric Do’s and Don’t’s of Writing.  Basically, I’ll be talking about things writers do that hurt their careers and how to avoid these pitfalls. I will also offer some less commonly known advice to help writers go from slush pile to published.  This is a great group and I’m delighted to have been invited to talk to them.  So if you’re in the area, come on down.  Also, Brian will be with me in an unofficial capacity, and both of us will sign books after the meeting for folks if you’d like us to.

New Keene, Gonzalez, SanGiovanni Bookstore

Just letting folks know that BK, JG Gonzalez and I opened a bookstore section at the York Emporium.  Basically, we want to 1) make available our books, including signed, limited editions, collector’s copies, lettereds, etc.; 2) Drive more traffic to the York Emporium, because Jim Lewin, its owner, has always been incredibly supportive of local authors; and 3) Get rid of the surplus of books that the three of us have.  Please consider checking out the store.

For a more complete description and store information, check out Brian’s write-up here.

Funky Werepig Interview — Available for Download

Hey there! If you missed my interview on the Funky Werepig last Friday, You can download it here or listen to it here. Hear me talk about Italian porn star names, Brian Keene without his pants, and my upcoming novel, THRALL.

For more info, visit the Funky Werepig site, and scroll down to On Demand Epsiodes.

Upcoming Appearances

Appearance (reading/signing with Brian Keene and Rio Youers)
Horrorfind Weekend (schedule)
September 3-5, 2010
Gettysburg, PA

Signing With Brian Keene
The College of William and Mary Bookstore
August 28, 2010, 11am-2pm
345 Duke of Gloucester St.
Williamsburg, VA 23185

NOTE: If you don’t live in town or near the signing, and would like a signed copy of A GATHERING OF CROWS or FOUND YOU, F.U.K.U. member Mark Sieber has a very generous offer. If you Paypal Mark $9.99 (7.99 for the book plus two dollars shipping) he will have us sign it for you and will then mail it to you. This offer is available ONLY to U.S. residents, and quantities are limited. Paypal to noclublonewolf at and make sure you indicate which book you want (A GATHERING OF CROWS or FOUND YOU), and how you’d like it signed (personalized, signature only, etc.).