I’ll Be Here All Week

Hey folks.  Here’s a quick note that if you want all me, all week, there are all kinds of things to choose from.  Cosmic Shenanigans’ new episode is up, where I explore the connections between Lovecraft and the occult.  You can also check out my Patreon page, where I have several pieces of art posted, created by Shikhar Dixit and based on my books.  Further, I have a new entry into the Ghosts and Monsters of New Jersey travelogue, featuring a location from an upcoming novella-in-progress.   If you’d like to support me on Patreon and gain access to all the secret weird I have to offer, click HERE.

If you’d like to check out the recent article I wrote on Lovecraft and the occult, you can find it in Apex Magazine.

Finally, toward the end of the week, I should have posted the newest chapter in my Patreon ongoing novel, Where the Dead Lie.   Previous chapters, as well as all previous content posted to Patreon, is available in tiers for subscribers.

The rest of the week will be spent working on the upcoming Kathy Ryan novel, the aforementioned novella, a Cosmic Shenanigans new episode, and Tempest Stuff.  Stay tuned….

Cosmic Shenanigans Update

Hi folks — just a quick note to apologize profusely for the delay these last two Sundays in getting Cosmic Shenangians episodes posted.  Between a wicked bout of allergies or my annual sinus infection, not sure which, and preparing for an impending new addition to my extended family, I’ve fallen a little behind.  But I’m recording two shows this week, and I promise one will be posted on schedule this Sunday.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  🙂

An Update

Hey folks — a few things.

First, I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting on a communication from me.  I’ve been fighting off wicked allergy-ness and was busy with training for a PT teaching position, writing/podcast/editing stuff, my sister’s impending baby-birth, the holiday, and….


Anyway, my article on Lovecraft and the Occult is appearing in Issue 107, April 2018 of Apex Magazine.  Digital and print copies of the issue can be purchased HERE.



 My article on herbal medicine is available in the premier issue of Prepper Survival Guide, available on newsstands across the US.

Past episodes of Cosmic Shenanigans can be found HERE.  The new one, due to post this Sunday, is on Stephen King’s “Crouch End.”

I have recently sold a novella titled The Skin We’re In to Cemetery Dance.   Publication details forthcoming.  In the meantime, you can check out my currently available stuff HERE.

New content is up on my Patreon.

I think that’s it.  More to come. 😀


Patreon, a Podcast, and a Teaser

Hi, folks.  New content is up on my Patreon — a new entry in my fictional travelogue, Ghosts and Monsters of New Jersey.  You can find it HERE.

If you’re interested in contributing to my Patreon, go HERE.

Episode 1 of my brand-new podcast on cosmic horror, Cosmic Shenanigans, is airing this Sunday night, which also coincidentally happens to be my birthday.  You can give it a listen HERE.

Finally, a big announcement coming soon.  Here’s a teaser:

2018 News and Appearances

Well, 2017 is drawing to a close.  I admit to being swamped with work these last couple of months, but 2018 is going to be even busier.  Here’s some of the stuff that will be going on:

2018 should see the publication of my forthcoming novel from Kensington, Behind the Door.  If you liked Chills, then I think you’ll like this one.  It’s a new Kathy Ryan novel, and if I do say so myself, I think it’s one of the best/most disturbing things I’ve written yet.  I hope you’ll consider picking it up in August 28th when it comes out, and letting me know if you agree or not. 😉

Occult specialist Kathy Ryan returns in this thrilling novel of paranormal horror from Mary SanGiovanni, the author of Chills . . .

Some doors should never be opened . . .

In the rural town of Zarepath, deep in the woods on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, stands the Door. No one knows where it came from, and no one knows where it leads. For generations, folks have come to the Door seeking solace or forgiveness. They deliver a handwritten letter asking for some emotional burden to be lifted, sealed with a mixture of wax and their own blood, and slide it beneath the Door. Three days later, their wish is answered – for better or worse.

Kari is a single mother, grieving over the suicide of her teenage daughter. She made a terrible mistake, asking the powers beyond the Door to erase the memories of her lost child. And when she opened the Door to retrieve her letter, she unleashed every sin, secret, and spirit ever trapped on the other side.

Now, it falls to occultist Kathy Ryan to seal the door before Zarepath becomes hell on earth . . .

Praise for the novels of Mary SanGiovanni

“A feast of both visceral and existential horror.” – F. Paul Wilson on Thrall

“Filled to the brim with mounting terror.” – Gary A. Braunbeck on The Hollower

“A fast-building, high-tension ride.” – James A. Moore on The Hollower


In other book news, there will be forthcoming Italian translations of The Fading Place, the Hollower books, and Behind the Door, as well as audiobook versions of Behind the Door, and, I believe, the Hollower trilogy.


In addition to my co-hosting spot on The Horror Show With Brian Keene, I’ll be hosting my own show about cosmic horror, called Cosmic Shenanigans.  Cosmic Shenanigans is a podcast focusing on cosmic horror in films, television, art, games, music, fashion, pop culture, and just about anywhere else our little tentacles can reach. I will delve into what makes the subgenre timelessly relevant and enjoyable, and examine how it permeates so much of modern culture. Further, as a writer of cosmic horror myself, I will look at my and others’ roles in the subgenre and in publishing at large, and explore the female perspective toward and within works of cosmic horror. It will be launching, I believe, in late January.  Here’s where you can go to find out all the info:



Project Entertainment Network Page




I will also be spearheading a massive editorial project starting in 2018.  I can’t announce much about it yet, but here’s a teaser:





For Patreon subscribers: the last installment of content for 2017 is half-up already.  I’m working on Chapter 10 of Where the Dead Lie, and hope to have it posted in a couple of hours at the latest.  It’ll be a shorter chapter because of the holidays, but I hope the other content I posted will make up for it.  If you’re interested in subscribing, CLICK HERE.


Regarding 2018 signings, readings, and other scheduled appearances, here’s what’s lined up so far.  Check the Appearances page for updates:

May 11 – 12
Second Annual Horror Show with Brian Keene 24-Hour Telethon
York, PA
Note: Details forthcoming in January

July 19 – 22
Baypoint Inn & Conference Center
144 Anthony Rd.
Portsmouth, RI 02871

August 3 – 5
Scares That Care Weekend 5
Doubletree By Hilton
50 Kingsmill Road
Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185

August 24 – 26
Wingate by Wyndham Conference Center
Round Rock, Texas


Happy New Year, folks!!!

BEHIND THE DOOR Cover Reveal and New Patreon Content

Pssst…check out the cover to my upcoming Kensington novel, Behind the Door.  I think this is one of my best-written and most disturbing novels yet.  I certainly hope you’ll consider checking it out when it becomes available, and let me know if you agree.




For Patreon subscribers, there’s new Behind the Scenes content up for December — an excerpt from the new Kathy Ryan novel.  Check it out HERE.  If you’re interested in subscribing so that you don’t miss monthly installments of GHOSTS AND MONSTERS OF NEW JERSEY or my serialized novel, WHERE THE DEAD LIE as well as sneak peaks of works in progress, art based on my books, and assorted trivia and backstory about characters/monsters/places in my work, click HERE.