Film Adaptations

For business inquiries regarding rights and optioning of novels and novellas or material not listed here, please contact Mary by email. A complete list of Mary’s work available for option is available here.

Currently Under Option


“Goth and Crow”

A “Lottery”-esque story about a town whose yearly sacrifice to the Scarecrow Man keeps the town as perfect as a Stepford painting by eliminating those who can’t get with the program.
Coming 2013.


“Letting Go”
A man quite literally haunted by the bad memories of his past realizes that they are planning to make him let them go, even if it means killing him….

Short Fiction Available for Option
The list of short stories below were previously available for a Shorts Project, wherein for $1, indie and aspiring filmmakers could option the short stories to make into short films. If you would like a sample of the story text to consider adapting or would like to discuss optioning details, please contact me by email. if you would like to consider another short story, a complete list can be found here.

A recluse writer discovers that the comfortable and secure elements of his quiet life are being replaced each night by flimsy replicas, and that sinister inanimate figures seem bent on destroying his life.

“The Days After the World Went Away”
Following a bad car crash and a subsequent short coma, a NY book editor starts to notice the deterioration of the world around him, and a distinctly alien presence beneath the people and places he’s always known, trying to fake humanity.

“The Nurses of Haversham”
In an asylum on the edge of reality, the criminally insane are in danger from far worse monsters than they had ever been.

A police detective tracking down a strange group of serial killers finds that the murder of homeless people and the stealing of their body parts is just the beginning.



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