Book Signing This Weekend

I’ll be signing copies of my latest novel, Behind the Door, this Saturday, September 8th, at Protean Books & Records.  I’ll be joined by amazing authors Brian Keene, Stephen Kozeniewski, and Wesley Southard.  We’ll be happy to sign books you bring from home but please consider supporting the store by purchasing a book or record as well.

I hope you’ll stop by!  Details:

Protean Books & Records
836 Leadenhall St
Baltimore, MD 21230
Signing noon – 3pm 

Patreon Stuff and Changes

Although a few days off schedule, the latest chapter of Where the Dead Lie has been posted on Patreon, as well as other content.

As the segment Ghosts and Monsters of New Jersey winds down in a couple of months, I will be switching over to a short story a month.  I hope you will consider continuing with your patronage in the future.  If you would like to become a Patreon, click HERE.

BEHIND THE DOOR Available Now!

Finally, Behind the Door, my newest novel and next book in the Kathy Ryan series, is available in E-BOOK and PAPERBACK now.  I’m really excited about this on.  It is, in my own humble opinion, the best/scariest thing I’ve ever written, and I’m delighted that so far, it’s getting all 5- and 4-star reviews.  I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy.

Also, Bookbub is running it HERE.


Occult specialist Kathy Ryan returns in this thrilling novel of paranormal horror from Mary SanGiovanni, the author of Chills . . .

Some doors should never be opened . . .

In the rural town of Zarepath, deep in the woods on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, stands the Door. No one knows where it came from, and no one knows where it leads. For generations, folks have come to the Door seeking solace or forgiveness. They deliver a handwritten letter asking for some emotional burden to be lifted, sealed with a mixture of wax and their own blood, and slide it beneath the Door. Three days later, their wish is answered, for better or worse.

Kari is a single mother, grieving over the suicide of her teenage daughter. She made a terrible mistake, asking the powers beyond the Door to erase the memories of her lost child. And when she opened the Door to retrieve her letter, she unleashed every sin, secret, and spirit ever trapped on the other side.

Now, it falls to occultist Kathy Ryan to seal the door before Zarepath becomes hell on earth . . .

Praise for the novels of Mary SanGiovanni

“A feast of both visceral and existential horror.” – F. Paul Wilson on Thrall

“Filled to the brim with mounting terror.” – Gary A. Braunbeck on The Hollower

“A fast-building, high-tension ride.” – James A. Moore on The Hollower

Giveaway, Patreon, Podcast, and More

Hi, folks.  I’m sorry for the delay in response times and long radio silences — I’m under the gun to get a novel finished, and while it’s coming along, I’m really trying to buckle down and get it finished and finished well.  Deadline’s the 15th, and then it’s on to other projects, which I’ll let you folks know about as details become solidified.

The Kindle Goodreads giveaway for Behind the Door is now underway, and will be running 6/3-6/21. Goodreads members will be able to enter the giveaway in order to win a copy of my newest novel, and there will be 100 winners.  I certainly hope you’ll consider entering.  I’m very excited about this book; as I mentioned, I think it may be one of the best ones I’ve ever written.  Giveaway is HERE.

Also, my Patreon content for May has been posted.  I know I don’t mention it very often, but I’m putting up some content there which is exclusive to Patreon subscribers, stuff to tickle the fancy of the completist.  If you’re interested in a serialized novel, excepts from works in progress and other behind-the-scenes stuff, and a fictional travelogue with background information about the various locations my novels and short stories, past and future, are set, you may want to consider subscribing.

Also, I’m proud to say that it looks like my podcast, Cosmic Shenanigans, is doing pretty well.  I’m glad folks out there are enjoying it.  If you’ve never given a listen and want to, I basically cover classic and modern art forms which I feel fall under the umbrella of cosmic horror.  You can catch up on past episodes on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, IHeartRadio, Youtube, and the Project Entertainment Network, links to which are all available HERE.

Also, if you’d like to get books signed, I’ll be at Protean Books & Records on June 9th, from noon to 3 pm.  Here’s the info:

Protean Books & Records
836 Leadenhall St
Baltimore, MD 21230
Signing with Brian Keene, Stephen Kozeniewski, and Wesley Southard

I think that’s it for now.  More to come sooon….


Hey, folks — just a quick note to let you know that Behind the Door will be featured in a Kindle Goodreads giveaway running from 6/3-6/21. Goodreads members will be able to enter the giveaway in order to win a copy of my newest novel, and there will be 100 winners.  I certainly hope you’ll consider entering.  I’m very excited about this book; I think it may be one of the best ones I’ve ever written.

Giveaway is HERE.

Kind Words About SAVAGE WOODS in Library Journal Review

Library Journal ran a “Halfway to Halloween” article in their April 15th edition that featured an awesome review for Savage Woods.  Woot!  Thanks to Becky Spratford and Neal Wyatt.  This made my morning!

SAVAGE WOODS by Mary SanGiovanni takes place in the forest of the eerie and haunted Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The landscape offers little sanctuary but when Julia Russo’s raging ex forces her off the road she must flee into the trees – an action that sends the police after her. A master of cosmic horror, SanGiovanni evokes a Lovecraftian sensibility in this action-filled story in which ancient spirits rule the woods where Julia must now survive. Scary, suspenseful, smart, and gory, the novel is also beautifully set and described, with the forest becoming something of a second character.

I’ll Be Here All Week

Hey folks.  Here’s a quick note that if you want all me, all week, there are all kinds of things to choose from.  Cosmic Shenanigans’ new episode is up, where I explore the connections between Lovecraft and the occult.  You can also check out my Patreon page, where I have several pieces of art posted, created by Shikhar Dixit and based on my books.  Further, I have a new entry into the Ghosts and Monsters of New Jersey travelogue, featuring a location from an upcoming novella-in-progress.   If you’d like to support me on Patreon and gain access to all the secret weird I have to offer, click HERE.

If you’d like to check out the recent article I wrote on Lovecraft and the occult, you can find it in Apex Magazine.

Finally, toward the end of the week, I should have posted the newest chapter in my Patreon ongoing novel, Where the Dead Lie.   Previous chapters, as well as all previous content posted to Patreon, is available in tiers for subscribers.

The rest of the week will be spent working on the upcoming Kathy Ryan novel, the aforementioned novella, a Cosmic Shenanigans new episode, and Tempest Stuff.  Stay tuned….