A Few Quick Updates

Just wanted to let folks know I’ll be doing a regular monthly blog post over at the Apex Publishing blog. Mine will appear the fourth Monday of every month. I’ll post reminders when they go up.

Also, for readers/fans/friends/odds&ends, I started a discussion thread on the me-forum of Amazon for anyone who wants to chat about any of my books. I don’t know if folks actually ever go to/use these, but I figured it might be fun to try.  Feel free to drop in and leave a comment, if you so desire.

Well, Hello, 2013!

Apologies for the lack of updates for a while.  Between the holidays and my sister giving birth to a brand new baby girl (my first nice), it’s been pretty hectic.  However, I wanted to post a quick update so folks know what to expect for the new year.

I’m working on a new novel I hope to have finished and turned in to the publisher by March.  It is the supernatural horror novel mentioned a in my last post.  This book will initially appear in LE HC, but hopefully I will have news soon regarding other versions as well.  I believe this year will see the audiobook release of The Hollower and a chapbook version of a short story called “The Anathema Cell.”  I’m working on plans for paperback versions of the Hollower trilogy — I’ll keep you posted.

You may have also noticed some updates to the website, particularly in the Locations of Interest section.  If you’re the type of reader who likes fun little trivia extras about your books, this section offers that and more for most of the novels and novellas where location is of some significance to the plot. In the Writer’s Life section, I’ve been blogging semi-regularly, mostly about life-stuff, if that interests you.  I’ve been trying to include blog posts specifically related to my life in the business, and how I’m functioning in it.

I’m looking to add to appearances this year at various conventions and events.  So far, I’m planning on the following conventions, but these are just plans.  When they are confirmed, the Appearances page will be updated with the details:

Marcon, Columbus, OH

WHC, New Orleans

NECon, Bristol, RI

I’d also like to do some readings and signings — details will follow.

I also wanted to say how much I appreciate the support of readers and fans who have bought, traded, discussed, reviewed, and spoke favorably about my work to date.  It means so much to know there are folks out there who are reading and enjoying my books.  I wish all of you and your loved ones a safe, healthy, happy, productive new year full of exciting surprises, happy accidents, beautiful sunsets, memorable moments, and cherished time spent with those you care about doing things that matter.  I wish you all peace of mind, time to relax, and good fortune.  Every year ought to be better than the last….

Upcoming Coolness

A few announcements on upcoming things:

Fans of Jack Ketchum will want to check this space out come September 11th — I’m the 2nd stop on his blog tour promoting I’m Not Sam and I’ll be featuring a special guest blog post by him!  I’m delighted that he will be stopping by.  🙂

I understand the Thrall audiobook is on sale through Dark Realms for only $5.95 until September 2nd — now’s your time to pick one up at its low sales price!

Also, as my first foray into Kindle self-publishing, I have finished the ms for a new short story collection called A Darkling Plain.  The collection will feature 10 short stories spanning over a decade of my short fiction writing, including many hard-to-find and out-of-print stories and story notes at the end.  Once it’s up and running, I’ll post ordering details.

A short story of mine called “The Anathema Cell” should be appearing in chapbook form soon — details to follow.

Finally, for those interested in this sort of thing, I am a quarter of the way through a new novel.  I hope to be able to announce more about this soon.

Website Updates

I’ve made some updates to the website here, primarily in that I’ve revamped the sidebar to the right a little.  I’ve renamed the former Interviews page as Media and Interviews.  Also, I’ve posted 1) an audio clip of my presentation on the lesser-known Do’s and Don’t’s of novel and short story publishing, and also 2) a neat little video interview with a local VA cable access TV channel that I, Brian Keene, and a number of other authors did back in 2004.  Enjoy!


I just wanted to let folks know that Thunderstorm Books is down to single digit numbers of copies left in the Hollower Collectors’ Set (Supercell Series) copies of The Hollower and Found You.  If you want to pick up copies, now is the time.

Also, as a reminder, if you’re looking to pick up only the third book in the trilogy, The Triumvirate, it should be available late June/early July as a part of the Hard Rain series.  This book ties in Thrall and For Emmy, as well as wrapping up the Hollower stories and explaining a good deal of background about the Hollowers as well as a number of other monsters in Bloomwood County, NJ, both past and forthcoming.

New Interview With October Country Posted

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know there’s a new interview that October Country did with me now posted to their site. In it, we talk about influential women in horror, both over the last few decades and in the business today. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.

Attn Film Students and Indie Film Folks

Ala Stephen King’s Dollar Babies, I’m trying an experiment. At the bottom of this post is a list of short stories for which the film rights are available. The very basics of the deal are that in exchange for $1 options to these stories, the resulting film can be shown on my website. If you would like to discuss details, please contact me by email.

I’m excited to see what folks come up with, and am looking forward to hearing from you.

For the short fiction available for option, check out Film Adaptations.

Website Updates

I’m in the process of updating my website – this means the introduction of some new features and some new pages. There are now easier and more functional links to my books and where to buy them, my blog (A Writer’s Life) and a new, kinda fun misc page (Nightmaries). Currently, the blog is back-filled with old posts – reviews from Seton Hill, mostly. Nightmaries will be regularly updated with extras – pictures, art, trivia, story excerpts, contests and giveaways, video, whatever fiction fun I can think of, or that readers want to submit.

I also hope you’ll stop by the Keenedom and visit my forum, and the forums of some of my colleagues and friends. A lot of great discussion goes on there, as well as news and opportunities to chat with your favorite writers.

So feel free to visit the website regularly and check out the new bells and whistles. Let me know what you think!

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