Chat with Me Tonight

I’m doing a chat tonight to support the Pixel Project, an organization dedicated to eradicating violence against women. I’ll be doing a live reading from Savage Woods and answering all your burning questions (and perhaps some smoldering ones, too). I hope you’ll join me for this worthy cause this evening. Check out the info above.

“Kill You” Winners and a Teaser

I’m pleased to announce the following people who purchased a hardcover limited edition copy of my newest novel, Chaos, have won the drawing for (the dubious honor of) being killed off in my next Thunderstorm novel:

H. Casper

Jason Houghton

Chris Oxer

Sabas Moreno, Jr.

Dominic Gasbarro 

Congratulations to the winners!  I look forward to killing you off as characters in my next novel! 😀 And thank you so much for allowing me the use of your names.  Also, as a small legal aside, Paul Goblirsch of Thunderstorm Books has likely already contacted you asking for official permission for the use of your names; if you haven’t already and would still like to be among my newest victims, please make sure you do relay that permission to Paul.  Thanks!

Also, I wanted to announce that my upcoming fiction collection, A Darkling Plain, will be available next month in both paperback and e-book.


This book is a collection of various short story reprints, many of which are difficult-to-impossible to find.  In addition to story notes at the end about each, the collection TOC is as follows:


“The Nurses of Haversham”

“The Eleventh Hour Syndrome”




“The Amazing Morpheus”

“Goth and Crow”

“The Days After the World Went Away”

“Letting Go”

I sincerely hope you’ll consider picking this one up when it becomes available.


Spring Has (Almost) Sprung Update

Just wanted to post a quick update on currently available and upcoming works:



Right now, Thrall is available both as an e-book for Kindle and as an audio book.  While the hard cover version is more or less sold out, I will have copies with me to sell and sign for some upcoming appearances, to be announced soon.  F. Paul Wilson said of this book, “Thrall is a feast of both visceral and existential horror – the gut tightens and the mind reels. Mary Sangiovanni joins that select cadre of women writers who are ignoring the safe old tropes and pushing the genre in new directions.”


For Emmy is also still available as an e-book for Kindle.  Likewise, while I will have a few of the remaining paperback copies with me at upcoming appearances, this is essentially sold out in print form.  Reviewers have said this novella is “chilling, heartbreaking, and quietly terrifying,” “brilliant and terrifying…SanGiovanni’s masterpiece,” and “poignant and creepy as hell.”

Both are reasonably priced and my two personal favorites, so if you’re looking for something to read, check them out.

Hollowernew FoundYounew Triumvirate  The Hollower Trilogy will be reprinted in a single, superfancy superlimited edition hardcover single volume.  Details to follow soon, but I can say that I just signed and mailed back the sig sheets for this and it’s going to be a beautiful book.  As for paperback and e-book versions, I am attempting to get all of my backlist back in print in both paperback and e-book editions.

Regarding upcoming work for 2013, a chapbook of mine will be published titled “The Anathema Cell.”  I don’t have a solid release date yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I know.

Another novella which I am turning in to the publisher this week, titled Solomon’s Girls, is due to be published in hard cover, paperback, and e-book in the first quarter of 2014 as well.  Again, I’ll post release date details once they are confirmed.

A new novel (in my opinion, one of my best and scariest to date) is near completion and due to the publisher soon for publication this year.  It will be a limited edition hard cover.  This book is called Chaos (formerly with the working title of Bridgewood) and to celebrate its release, there will be some free stuff and fun stuff.

In the meantime, readers might find the Locations of Interest section of this website browse-worthy.  It features free background material, history, and urban legends surrounding the places mentioned in all the books listed above, including the new Chaos.

Rounding out the work load, there is an upcoming story to be collected in an anthology and another novel, still in the planning stages but likely loosely based on mummy and ancient alien conspiracy stories, due out in 2014.

As always, I’ll report more information when I can.  I hope you’re looking forward to these as much as I’m looking forward to writing/finishing them for you.

In the meantime, why not check out these me-places on the web for fun and frolic?





A Writer’s Life

Or you can check out some of the articles I have posted by following the links under Mary’s Nonfiction on the Web to the right of this post.

Thanks, as always, for your support of my work.  It means a lot.

WHERE’S WALDO? – A Guest Post by Jack Ketchum

Today I have a special treat for me, and for readers out there — a guest blog post from friend and mentor, Jack Ketchum as stop #2 on his I’m Not Sam Blog Tour! Enjoy!


So what’s disturbing? What’s troubling, emotionally or mentally?

Loss is, for one thing.

The novelist Michael Chabon wrote, “if you can still see how you could once have loved a person, you are still in love; an extinct love is always wholly incredible.

I agree.

I’ve been going through some old files lately, actual paper files, excavated from the deep recesses of the bottom drawer of my four-door filing cabinet in my dark walk-in closet, trying to impose some order on what’s inside, separating unfinished fragments of manuscript from notes to myself, story ideas, letters, lists and throwing out the by-now undecipherable stoned maunderings of my youth — there’s a flake of something in my soup, I wish I had a dock to sit on.

It’s an interesting thing to do, this kind of housekeeping. Like looking at snapshots of your brain.

This is your brain at twenty-five. This is your brain at forty.

I’ve been separating the letters into two piles. Letters to and from other writers and more personal letters, from people you‘ve never heard of, although if you’ve read me and then went through the latter pile, you might just recognize a few of them as thinly-disguised characters in my stories.

But in this latter pile are love letters.

Letters that still have the power to make me smile, or bring tears to my eyes. Or both.

Because while I think that Chabon’s statement is true, that love never goes extinct, it’s also true that in most cases and to many varying degrees, the object of that love has gone out of reach. Has married or moved away or even died. Cannot be touched.

And to be unable to touch a loved one and yet still remain in love — that’s a very great loss indeed.

In I’M NOT SAM, Lucky and I wrote the following…

“I think of Sam and me at the amusement park in Kansas City years ago, before we were married, the way she kissed me from a bobbing horse when I managed to grab that brass ring.”

Sometimes, in a letter, in a memory, you can almost feel that ring, and taste that long-lost kiss.



I’M NOT SAM by Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee can be purchased from and For more info about the author, please visit or follow him on Twitter at
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Updates and Appearances

It’s been a while since I updated the site and I apologize for that; I’ve been in the process of moving from NJ to PA and reconnecting all the wires that a move like that requires. However, I do have some news on the writing front:

* T-shirts will be mailed without fail this weekend.  They are packed, addressed, and in my car, awaiting postage.

* On August 18th, I’ll be at the 5th Annual Creator Cookout, which takes place at Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA. This awesome event is held to raise canned goods and money for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Bring a canned goods donation and you can get stuff signed, eat for free, and hang out with a lot of great folks.  Guests include Brian Keene, Mike Hawthorne, Duane Swierczynski, Dirk Shearer, Kelli Owen, and me.

* I understand that Thrall is now available as a CD audiobook through AudioRealms’ horror imprint, Dark Realms.  Negotiations are in the works for audiobook adaptations of other works of mine.  News to follow.

* Upcoming publications include a chapbook of my story “The Anathema Chamber,” which has never appeared anywhere, nor is likely to for a while.  Possible upcoming publications include a paperback version of Thrall and Kindle versions of at least one short story collection.  I am also 1/3 of the way through a brand-new novel.

Looking forward to this last quarter of 2013 — I think it’s going to be an exciting beginning to a great new life down here in PA.  I appreciate all the support and help I’ve gotten from fans and friends alike during the transition. (hug)  You folks are great.

And the Giveaway Winners Are….

The following are the winners of the Giveaway:


Winners: Please send an address where I can mail your t-shirt prize to marysangiovanni at hotmail dot com.

I will be mailing the t-shirts in the next two weeks (I apologize it needs to take so long, but I will be on vacation with Sprout and B for all of next week).

Thanks to all for their patience and participation, and congratulations to the winners!!!

New Giveaway!

UPDATE: A quick thank you to all who purchased copies of The Triumvirate — I really appreciate it.  Contest is, of course, now closed.  I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners — I’ll have a separate announcement on 6/13 proper with the list of names.  Good luck and thanks again to all!!!

To celebrate the release of the final installment of the Hollower Trilogy, I’m doing a giveaway!  From 5 p.m. today, June 1st, until 5 p.m. Friday, June 8th, everyone who buys a copy of THE TRIUMVIRATE Hard Rain edition and then leaves a comment on this post letting me know will be entered into a drawing to win one of 5 t-shirts, shown below.  All shirts are sized XL, and feature a portion of Thrall‘s beautiful cover art by Vincent Chong, as well as lettering on both the front and back.

Fine print is as follows: One prize per household. Void where prohibited. Contest open to all individuals who purchase a copy of THE TRIUMVIRATE Hard Rain edition for the period of time between 5 p.m. Friday, June 1, 2012 until 5 p.m. Friday, June 8, 2012. Orders of entrants will be verified by Thunderstorm Books and winners will be chosen the evening of Friday, June 8, 2012. No postage necessary — I’ll mail the winners their prizes.

Good luck!!!