Awards, Honors, & Kind Words

What People are Saying About Mary’s Books:

“Thrall is a feast of both visceral and existential horror – the gut tightens and the mind reels. Mary Sangiovanni joins that select cadre of women writers who are ignoring the safe old tropes and pushing the genre in new directions.” –F. Paul Wilson, Author of REPAIRMAN JACK series

“This is Mary’s second published novel, but I can tell she’s been honing her craft for a long time. She’s so polished, I couldn’t tell THE HOLLOWER was her first book. Language, pacing, descriptions, character development, and plot are extremely well done. She’s starting her career as a pro. All authors take heed!” –Diane Matson,

“With The Hollower, Mary SanGiovanni makes the kind of debut most horror writers dream about; this superbly-written novel is filled to the brim with mounting terror, shocking set pieces, some of the richest characterization you’ll encounter anywhere this year, and a central figure of undeniable dread. It’s got it all: scares, poignancy, people you know as well as your own family, and an unrelenting tension that will have your hands shaking by the time you reach its nerve-wracking finale.” –Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, Author of MR. HANDS

“Mary SanGiovanni writes with all the skill of a neurosurgeon and all the passion of a Shakespearian actor on a roll. The Hollower is a fast building, high tension ride, with a solid mystery peopled with realistic characters thrown into a nightmare situation that grows darker by the minute. One hell of a novel by a writer everyone should keep their eyes on. I think we have a rising star on our hands.” –James A. Moore, Author of UNDER THE OVERTREE and SERENITY FALLS

“For a debut novel, THE HOLLOWER is definitely impressive; Sangiovanni shows off some serious skills for an author right out of the box.” –

“SanGiovanni hits a multi-sensory home run with her evocative language…the imagery is…nightmarish and vivid….This is the type of book that’s worthy of repeat readings.” –FearZone

“…Once SanGiovanni drops you into her reality, she never relinquishes her iron grip on your attention…” –Dead Reckoning

“Although the cover of Mary SanGiovanni’s debut novel THE HOLLOWER may look like another entry into the invisibility genre, it’s actually one in the psychological horror, with nothing disappearing except the sanity of its various characters.” –Bookgasm

“‘For Emmy’ will leave its mark on you long after you put it down. Mary has this uncanny ability to draw you into her stories with life like characters and haunting prose…. She is one of the best in the business and ‘For Emmy’ is one of the best stories I’ve read this year.” –Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayhem/Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Easily one of the best of 2011” and containing “more food for thought and downright eeriness than in just about all of the 60+ books I’ve read so far this year” –Nick Cato, author

“Chilling, heartbreaking, and quietly terrifying” –Kevin Lucia, SHROUD magazine

“Brilliant and terrifying…SanGiovanni’s masterpiece” –Column McKnight, Dreadful Tales

“Poignant and creepy as hell” – Hunter Shea, author

Awards and Nominations:

Bram Stoker Award Nominaton, THE HOLLOWER, 2007 (HWA)

Lavinia Kohl Award for Excellence in Literature, “The Devil and Jack,” 1997 (The National Society of Arts and Letters)


Legend, NECon, 2015

Guest of Honor, Mo*Con, 2012

Toastmistress, NECon, 2009