Updates — Appearances, Buzz Books, and More

Hi, folks! It’s been busy here as Brian and I recover from COVID and get back to the swing of things, but I wanted to post a few updates about some upcoming things I have going on.

Books: I’m working on a new novella as well as a sequel to Thrall. Both of these, I imagine, will be out next year, as will my Alien novel, Alien: Enemy of My Enemy, which you can preorder HERE.

Appearances: I’ve recently updated my Appearances page with some additional signings for 2022, as well as some for 2023 (more to be added as I do a mini book tour for the Alien novel). You can check out where I’ll be HERE.

Borderlands Boot Camp: You may or may not be aware that Brian Keene and I have recently taken over Borderlands Boot Camp. Mark your calendars! The 2023 dates are March 29-31. More details will follow next week.

Patreon: I’m still getting caught up, a bunch of new content, as well as a brand new, never-before-seen short story from me, has all been posted.

Buzz Books Expo: For publishers curious about Buzz Book Expo 2022, information will be going out within the next couple of days. We’re hoping to have some special announcements during the Expo as well.