Important Announcement – Cosmic Shenanigans Switching Formats

After giving this some serious thought and weighing a number of factors, I’ve decided to switch formats for Cosmic Shenanigans. I’ve enjoyed doing the podcast, and I love talking about cosmic horror, but my schedule has shifted in such a way that recording weekly isn’t feasible for me anymore.

But I still want to talk about cosmic horror. So…I’ll be doing the cosmic shenanigans blog, which will continue what I did with the podcast, only in written format. I hope to do it at least twice a month, maybe more, and continue to cover both the classic literary works of cosmic horror, and the new works, as well as cosmic horror in other facets of pop culture and life.

I sincerely hope that listeners will join me in this new format, which can be found HERE.

Past episodes of Cosmic Shenanigans have been archived HERE, if you would like to listen.

Thanks for your support — it means the world to me. Now, let’s see what kind of shenanigans we can get up to….