A (Hopefully Final) Statement Regarding Poltergeist Press

I am sick of talking about this. I’m sick of having to relate my thoughts on it over and over.  I’m sick of being reminded of uncomfortable,  unpleasant, and painful memories every time this flares up. So consider this my definitive statement.

I thought Brian and I had made it pretty clear, on more than one occasion, what our stances on Poltergeist Press were, but one of the continuing problems with the situation is that the gray areas surrounding PP’s operation seem to keep casting doubt. I had no idea my book was still listed on their site, for example.  I have the rights reversion letter for that English language book, my understanding was that they had taken it out of print (or were in the process of doing so), and there are no forthcoming Russian editions. That’s not changing. 

I think Brian and I have a track record of being fair and honest with matters concerning sexual harassment and publishing, and we will continue to do so.  We have a track record of obtaining all the facts, from all sides, and we always try to make fully informed decisions.  We consider all facets, some of which others might not be aware of or directly involved with, when making those decisions.  

It’s frustrating and disheartening, but I can only do so much.  I believe I’m a good person at heart — honest, loyal, and understanding.  I don’t jump into decisions regarding professional or personal relationships, forming or ending them, lightly.  I have to follow my heart and conscience, and those want to see the Anna that I knew do well, the Matt that I thought I knew get therapy and do better, and the genre I’ve loved and supported and worked in for 20 years move past this. However, because of the continually swirling cloud of toxicity and vitriol surrounding PP and its supporters, I see no way to continue supporting them that I can be comfortable with.

Brian and I have made a number of public statements both on the air and in print regarding good faith, good will, and a desire to let people heal and move on; we support the women who have come forward, of which I am one, and will continue to do so.  

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