An Update

Hey folks — a few things.

First, I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting on a communication from me.  I’ve been fighting off wicked allergy-ness and was busy with training for a PT teaching position, writing/podcast/editing stuff, my sister’s impending baby-birth, the holiday, and….


Anyway, my article on Lovecraft and the Occult is appearing in Issue 107, April 2018 of Apex Magazine.  Digital and print copies of the issue can be purchased HERE.



 My article on herbal medicine is available in the premier issue of Prepper Survival Guide, available on newsstands across the US.

Past episodes of Cosmic Shenanigans can be found HERE.  The new one, due to post this Sunday, is on Stephen King’s “Crouch End.”

I have recently sold a novella titled The Skin We’re In to Cemetery Dance.   Publication details forthcoming.  In the meantime, you can check out my currently available stuff HERE.

New content is up on my Patreon.

I think that’s it.  More to come. 😀



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