Note for Patreon Subscribers

Got some new content up – a new installment of Ghosts and Monsters of NJ, and excerpts of 6 old short stories from 2000, when I first started writing. Those include one of my first ever published stories (incidentally, the first story with which I shared an anthology space with Brian), and also, my one and only erotic horror story. Feel free to giggle at my past ineptitude. 

I’m working on the Chapter to WHERE THE DEAD LIE, and hope to have it posted late tonight/early tomorrow morning. My apologies for the delay.

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2 thoughts on “Note for Patreon Subscribers

  1. Mary, I just had to tell you how impressed I was upon finishing your new collection, Night Moves. Virtually all of the stories were great, moving, and horrific in some instances. I especially liked The Anathema Cell, which I had previously read in its deluxe form from Camelot Books! A great ending to a wonderful collection of shorts from you. Keep up the great work!
    Bill Rasmussen


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