Book and Other News

In addition to SAVAGE WOODS being available for pre-order for Kindle, I have just been informed that in the next three weeks or so, A WEIRDISH WILD SPACE, my first non-fiction collection, will be available for pre-order in about three weeks.  I’ll let you folks know what that goes live.  Release date should be sometime in June.

Here’s the beautiful cover by David Ho for A WEIRDISH WILD SPACE:

NIGHT MOVES is, as far as I know, on scheedule to be released by Post Mortem Press in July.

A QUIET PLACE AT WORLD’S END is being worked on and almost is my new novel for Kensington, THE DOOR IN ZAREPATH, a couple of novellas, some short stories, and another short story collection, with info TBA.

One another project I’m excited about is my first-ever comic, due out from DC, which is a horror story loosely involving Wonder Woman for a horror comic series.  I’m very excited to be working with some great people on this,and will keep you posted about its availability as schedules are confirmed.

An exciting is a radioplay adaptation of my contribution to the Cthulhu mythos, a short story titled “The Floodgates of Willowhill.”  The folks at Audioplay did a fantastically creepy job, and it made me smile to listen to it.  If you want to check it out, it’s featured on The Dark Tome HERE.

Also, I had the honor last night of spending a few hours with Geoff Tate, former lead singer of Queensryche.  In addition to getting to sitting and talking shop over drinks, hearing the sound check, and ultimately, rocking along to the best acoustical concert I have ever seen, Brian and I interviewed him for THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, and he was an absolutely delightful, funny, intelligent man with some great stories.  You can hear the interview this Thursday on the Project Entertainment Network site linked to above, on iTunes, Google Play, and a number of other places.  Also, if you’re in Canada (Ottowa, Quebec City, and Toronto) and near to one of his last three venues, seriously, don’t miss this show.  It’s phenomenal.  Geoff Tate sounds amazing, and the musical arrangements of the songs are stellar.

Here’s a pic of me with Geoff Tate:


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