News About CHILLS

A few news tidbits about my new upcoming novel, Chills:

First, I’d like to note that yes, Chills is the Kensington (Lyrica Imprint) e-book/paperback version of my novel, The Blue People, which originally appeared in hardcover late last year from Thunderstorm Books.  However, this version contains a new title, new cover art, and about 4000 words of additional story.  It is the first of two books I am contracted to write for Kensington.

The official publication date of Chills, I’m told, will be September 27, 2016.

However, I’m pleased to say that the Kindle edition appears to be available for pre-order now! Click RIGHT HERE to get your copy. You can also get the Kobo version HERE.  I’m pretty excited about this book, so I hope you’ll consider getting one.

Here’s the new cover:



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