Podcast Interview with The Horror Show with Brian Keene

This evening, on the newest podcast episode of Project iRadio’s The Horror Show with Brian Keene, I am interviewed as a guest by co-hosts Brian Keene and Dave “Meteornotes” Thomas.  In the episode, we talk about Amazon, social anxiety, absinthe, the CIA, the secret of life, The Hollower trilogy’s possible influence on the Slenderman trend, and a slew of other subjects, including an exclusive super-secret announcement.  I very much enjoyed being interviewed and sincerely hope you’ll be listening when it airs tonight.

With a listening audience of considerable magnitude and award nominations in its first year of existence, The Horror Show with Brian Keene podcast talks about news, books, movies, games, people, politics, and just about anything else related to the horror genre.  If you’re interested in tuning in, you can subscribe on iTunes as I have done, check it out on the Project iRadio website, or go through Roku.  This way you can catch my ep at any time, and check out all the previous ones, too.

And if you do tune in to listen, please let me know what you think!


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