MoCon, A New Story, and Discounts

A few quick announcements for the interested reader:

This weekend I’ll be a guest at MoCon, an Indiana-based convention which explores horror/speculative fiction, diversity, and spirituality in fiction, games, and other media in a friendly, get-to-know-the-writer kind of setting.  I will be breaking the genre and unleashing supernatural powers of chaos and destruction in my usual way:

Panel – Saturday 1:30 Women Destroy Mo*Con Panel
(K. Tempest Bradford, Chesya Burke, Lucy Snyder, Alethea Kontis, and Mary SanGiovanni)

If you’re in the area (or near the area, or just love weekend road trips), please come on out and see us.  We’d love the company.


The recently published anthology Library of the Dead is now available on, and I am pleased to say the story I co-wrote with Brian Keene, “The Last Things to Go,” is included with a number of fantastic fellow horror writers.  I also have the honor of having written an Afterword in the anthology dedicated to the memory of friend and author, J.F. Gonzalez.  I really consider this to be a special book for a number of reasons, so I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy.


Also, if you are one of those people waiting for a sale to try reading something of mine, you’re in luck!  For a limited time (May 4, 2015 – May 11, 2015), two of my novels, Thrall and Chaos, will be available for Kindle U.S. and Kindle U.K. for only $.99!  That’s right, all next week, from May 4th to the 11th, Kindle editions of those two novels will be only $.99.  If you want to check out those books, next week will be a great time to pick them up.

More soon!


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