Visiting Writer at Seton Catholic Central High School – Raising Funds

Hi, folks.  As you may know, I am a strong supporter of any literary education initiative, particularly one involving academic exploration and appreciation of speculative genre fiction.  As such, I have been invited as this year’s Visiting Writer at Seton Catholic Central High School. Thanks to fellow author Kevin Lucia, at the end of this May, I will have the opportunity to work with and critique the writing of their Creative Writing students.  I will also be discussing my experiences as a writer and speaking to a general assembly of students about publishing in general.

To raise funds to make this happen, Kevin has set up an Indiegogo campaign.  You can check it out HERE.  There are/will be perks — e-books, books, all kinds of goodies!  As Kevin notes, funds have already been raised, with several other local fundraisers to follow, but this opportunity affords readers, SCC alumni, and anyone else who may be interested to contribute in any way they’d like.

You can also keep up with the latest in this endeavor by joining the Facebook Group.

I sincerely hope you’ll consider contributing and/or spreading the word, and helping in our efforts to raise money to make this happen.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Writer at Seton Catholic Central High School – Raising Funds

  1. Mary wishing i was there to hear you speak. also wishing that i had the $$$ to ask if you might have a pc copy of your Supercell ‘d be willing to sell to me.

    good luck w/your brakes.



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