New Releases – CHAOS and FOR EMMY

I’m delighted to announce two new releases in paperback and e-book!

ForEmmyPB FrontFirst, reader favorite novella For Emmy is now available once again in paperback for only $5.34 and in ebook for only $1.99!
Sometimes no matter how vigilant you are, you can’t keep loved ones save. — Dana McCluskey and her father know very well that there can be dangers around every corner. They wanted to keep Emmy safe. — But it is impossible to see some dangers coming. And there are those corners that you’d never see, out-of-the-way places just beyond our grasp where loved ones can get very lost — and the danger there is very real indeed.
With artwork by the talented Daniele Serra.

chaosPBFrontAlso available for the first time in paperback  ($10.95) and e-book ($3.99) is my fifth novel, Chaos.
The Bridgewood Estates apartments are clean, modern and new—the perfect place for Myrinda and her boyfriend Derek to start a new life together. But the apartments have an extra feature not advertised—they’re built on a gateway to another world, an abyss of chaos from which horrific monsters known as the chaotic ones have come to spread their insanity sickness. As the tenants of Bridgewood descend into lunacy, unthinkable acts and violent deaths accumulate around Myrinda and Derek. They’ll have to fight Myrinda’s own growing madness or succumb to the whims of the chaotic ones.
I hope that you’ll consider picking up a copy of one or both of these, and as always, I hope you enjoy them.


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