And More Updates….

There are less than 10 copies left available of the hard cover version of The Fading Place. If you’d like to buy one before this limited edition goes out of print, you can pick one up HERE. You can also purchase the e-book version of this novella HERE.

Also, For Emmy is now available, at least in paperback.  I’m working on getting the e-book available, as well.

I’m hoping to have Chaos available for paperback and e-book soon, too — details to follow.

You can now purchase the audiobook version of The Hollower now as well as the audiobook of Thrall.

I’ve confirmed my appearance at WHC this year, so if you’ll be there, stop by and say hi!  And speaking of appearances watch this space for the Summer Scares Signing Tour….





2 thoughts on “And More Updates….

  1. Mary SanGiovanni,

    i really love to read allof your work. it’s just that the owner of darkfuse ripped-off many of my friends.

    (or at least still owes them in some cases $1000’s of dollars. while i preordered your book from a very reliable online book store. (Camelot). i can’t see sending any of my hard earned cash directly shane staley’s way. i am getting ready to read your Thunderstorm supercell Hollower trilogy. your talent as an author has put you as one of my fave’s for sure. thanks for sharing that talent with lucky readers such as myself.



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