A Few Quick Things

Hey folks — a few quick things that may be of interest:

This is the final week that Midnight Symphony, an anthology of novellas by some awesome writers (and me), will be available. This e-book anthology has largely been well-received, including a pretty great review on the FEARNET website, and many of these novellas are either unavailable elsewhere or extremely rare and hard to come by. If you were thinking of picking it up, this is the last chance. Available here for only $2.99!

A beautiful limited edition version of my short story collection, A Darkling Plain, is forthcoming. Details are on the way as soon as I can make them available.

I will likely be having short fiction appearing in a magazine, a chapbook, and an anthology in the next six months. Also, later in the year, there will be a new novel about ghosts, sort of, and an audiobook version of The Hollower. I’m excited about these projects. Details to follow.

Since next month is WOMEN IN HORROR month, look for interviews of me conducted by Gef Fox and also by Jeff Heimbuch for Lamplight Magazine. Also in February will be the release of my new novella The Fading Place by DarkFuse books. Those interested in preordering the book can get it for a discount now.

On Monday, Feb. 3, A WRITER’S LIFE will host one of the stops on the Les Daniels Blog Tour, celebrating the work of late Necon favorite, author Les Daniels. The incredibly witty Matt Bechtel of Necon E-books will be offering a guest blog post (“Witches, Victims and Gods: The Women of The Don Sebastian Chronicles“).

On Wednesday, Feb. 5th, I will have a new post up on Apex Publishing’s blog. Linkage will follow.

Finally, today (January 28) is my birthday, so if you’re waiting on an email/call/text/smoke signal/response to anything, I should hopefully be all caught up after today — Friday the latest.


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