The Anathema Cell Now Available!

Anathema_CellKicking off a new chapbook line, “The Anathema Cell”, a brand-new 10k science fiction/horror short story by yours truly, is now available for purchase through Camelot Books.  You can either get the softcover version for $15 for the beautiful hardcover version for $50.  The eerie cover art, which I think is perfect for the story, is by Stephen Cooney.  As the Camelot Books website states, “As this is the first in the series, those that purchase a copy will have first right of refusal to same number (either softcover or hardcover) with the next publication in this line.

Softcover:  limited to 100 signed and numbered copies in wrappers with color cover artwork

Hardcover:  limited to 50 signed and numbered copies 1/2 bound in black leather binding with French Marble papers and color cover artwork tipped in.”

Since copies are limited, I’d suggest that if you want one, you pick it up right away.


13 thoughts on “The Anathema Cell Now Available!

  1. Mary, I think Camelot may be having some problems with their website. I’ve tried several times today to log in to order your chapbook but cannot get the website to open. Hmmm….


  2. Hey, Mary!
    Sorry to keep bothering you, but I just had to let you know that I sped through your novelette this pm and thought it was great! Superb blend of sci-fi/horror! If it were available on Amazon I’d give it a solid five star review! Congratulations!


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