Some Title Changes and Upcoming Books of Mine

Just for those of you keeping track….

The novella I just finished, Solomon’s Girls, is now called The Fading Place. Interested folks should look for The Fading Place to be available sometime during the first quarter of 2014. There will be details and fun stuff to follow.

Also, the novel I am working to complete this month which I had tentatively been calling Bridgewood I have now decided to call Chaos. It fits the story and overall themes much better. And there will be cute free swag when this book becomes available later this year.

So, to sum up, for those looking to pick up my newest stuff over the next several months, we have:

“The Anathema Cell,” chapbook, 2013
The Hollower Trilogy, omnibus, 2013
Chaos, novel, 2013
The Fading Place, novella, 2014
TBA novel (about aliens and monsters and conspiracies oh my!), 2014
TBA novella (possibly about werewolves), 2014


8 thoughts on “Some Title Changes and Upcoming Books of Mine

    • Hi, Chris!
      Yup, DarkFuse is publishing The Fading Place. Thunderstorm will be publishing Chaos and the Hollower omnibus. I’m not sure I’m allowed to say who’s publishing “The Anathema Cell” yet, but I’ll find out. And definitely, as soon as I hear, I’ll put links up here for folks to find everything. πŸ™‚


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