Quick Update Before Stormpocalypse

What they are now calling Superstorm Sandy (sounds kind of like a comic-book villain, doesn’t it?) is likely going to knock out power/internet access/common sense all along the east coast by tonight, so I wanted to post a quick update.

I expect before the end of the year to have the e-book versions of The Hollower, Found You, and The Triumvirate available at least for Kindle.  I’m working with folks now to make that happen.  

I am also working on a new as-yet-untitled novel to be turned in the first quarter of next year, for publication in 2013. 

I’m still anticipating publication of my longish short story, “The Anathema Cell,” in the near future.

Finally, I am working on another collection of short fiction/novellas that will be primarily previously unpublished material.  This, too, is currently untitled, but I’m planning on it being available for Kindle, at least.

Details on all these projects will be posted here as things are finalized.

Hang in there and stay safe in the storm.  See you where it’s high and dry!


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