HOLLOWER Books Almost Sold Out!

Thunderstorm Books reports that there are only two remaining copies of the Hard Rain ($35) version of The Triumvirate left, so if you were waiting on picking up a copy, now would be the time to move on it.  Also, there are only two complete matching sets of The Hollower Trilogy (this includes The Hollower, Found You, and The Triumvirate).  You can contact Paul Goblirsch and make him an offer on these if you want to get them before they’re gone.  He also has a couple of “broken” sets or individual books available — this may be your last chance to match up your books.



2 thoughts on “HOLLOWER Books Almost Sold Out!

  1. Sorry to take you back a few books, I just finished reading “The Hollower”. Enjoyed it very much, thank you.

    There are many many many stories of ‘entities’ that ‘feed’ on the living, on the specific energy of our negative emotions – particularly fear – but,

    only two persons I have read ever refered to these ‘entities’ by their best name in my opinion – Pretas – from ancient Vedic texts dating back at least 7,000 years if not older – Hungry Ghosts in English.

    The 1st person was Joe Fisher in Canada, in his non-fiction book, “The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts”, and they killed him for trying to tell the world about them.

    Yes, I did say, NON-FICTION story.

    Ultimate scary – IMHO.

    I also came across only one other writer who wrote an SF book about Pretas, anonymously, and uploaded it anonymously into the Public Domain, at the following link —


    You simply scroll down to the bottom of the author’s posting/backgrounder description, which is well worth reading itself before reading the book, and you’ll find a second link to the actual book, in e-pub format. It has a lot of pictures so readers do not have to struggle imagining what various important things in the book look like.

    The author’s reasons for remaining anonymous and putting the book into Public Domain, are very very chilling, and still give me nightmares a year after I read it.


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