Appearance This Weekend at York Emporium

A quick reminder, folks, that I’ll be attending Horrible Saturday this weekend, July 14th, at the York Emporium. Also in attendance will be fellow authors Brian Keene, Kelli Owen, Bob Ford, and Chet Williamson. We’ll be participating in all kinds of fun events including Q&A and an on-the-spot story round robin, and we’ll have our books available for purchase and signing.

York Emporium is located at 343 West Market Street, York, PA. It promises to be a lot of fun, so come on by.

Also, regarding appearances, I’ve made a few changes/additions. For an updated list of appearances for the rest of this year, check out the Appearances page.


2 thoughts on “Appearance This Weekend at York Emporium

  1. HI Mary! I just wanted to say thank you for signing my stuff on Sat. and how supercool you and brian were to hang out with and chat. My wife Michelle and I had a blast with you guys talking. Here are some pics from Sat. I hope they show up:


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