Available and Upcoming Work 2012


For those in need of a handy reference or curious about trying my work out, books of mine currently available (in varying quantities) are as follows:


I think filming for the short movie of “Goth & Crow” based on my short story of the same name should be starting toward the end of this year.  Details to follow.  Also, the short film of “Letting Go” is being worked on as well.

Thrall is currently available for Kindle for only $4.99. In about two months, the audio book will be available as well for $19.77 (pre-orders available now). Although there are no solid plans at present for a paperback version of this book, I’m looking into options.

For Emmy is currently available for Kindle. Hard cover versions are sold out, but I’ll have paperback copies on hand to sign and sell at upcoming conventions and appearances (please see Appearances page for details). Copies are limited.

My first two books, The Hollower and Found You, are available in limited edition, signed hard covers. There are very few of these left, but I understand a few copies do still remain. These are part of a set which will include The Triumvirate. There should be news sometime later this year regarding an audio book version of The Hollower.

The Triumvirate Supercell edition has shipped, completing the Hollower Trilogy. For those who already have the first two books and just want to read this new one, The Triumvirate will also be available as part of Thunderstorm Books’ Hard Rain Series, due to ship in the next two weeks or so.

I am currently working on a long story titled “Anathema,” which will be available as a chapbook later this year. Details to follow.  I am also working on a new novel which I think you’ll enjoy, and a rare non-supernatural short story as well.  Keeping busy.  It’s horror writer hands that are the devil’s playground…. 😉


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