For those of you who already have The Hollower and Found You and are looking for a nice but economical edition of The Triumvirate to pick up, Thunderstorm Books is shipping copies of the Hard Rain edition at the end of this week.  There are a handful of the Collector Sets left as well, if you’re still interested in picking up the Hollower Trilogy books all together.  Paul G. will match the numbers in the set for you.  It may be a while before any of these three books appears in any other format, especially The Triumvirate, so I’d at least recommend picking up the Hard Rain version.

The audiobook version of Thrall has been completed and is the queue for release (I believe in June).  From the sampling of Chapter 1 I heard, it’s going to sound great.  Amazon is accepting pre-orders now at a nice discount for $19.77.

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