FOR EMMY Now Available on Kindle!

For those of you who missed the hardcover and paperback versions of my novella, For Emmy, the e-book version for Kindle is now available through Amazon for only $2.99. Here’s what reviewers though of this novella:

– It made the Horror Mall’s August 2010 Bestseller List (the In-Stock books);

– Nick Cato referred to the book as “easily one of the best of 2011” and containing “more food for thought and downright eeriness than in just about all of the 60+ books (he’s) read so far this year”;

– Kevin Lucia’s SHROUD magazine review calls it “chilling, heartbreaking, and quietly terrifying” (potential spoilers);

– In his Dreadful Tales review, Column McKnight described it as “brilliant and terrifying…SanGiovanni’s masterpiece”;

– On his website, Hunter Shea calls it “poignant and creepy as hell“.


5 thoughts on “FOR EMMY Now Available on Kindle!

  1. I don’t have a kindle. Can you get it as a book too?
    Or should I get a kindle? It won’t cost me much, b/c I think you can download it as software. But I’m not sure.
    Computers AREN’T my strong suit. I’d rather do airway management than try to understand how to use the Internet in all its detail.


  2. Thanks, folks! 🙂 Hope you like it.
    Vicki — right now, the HC version is sold out but there are small paperback versions. I’ll have them with me at signings. If you email me with an address, I could probably send you a signed one.


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