In Support of Fellow Writers’ Rights

Please take time to read Mr. Moore’s Open Letter to Amazon and show your support. I think this is an important cause.


2 thoughts on “In Support of Fellow Writers’ Rights

  1. Hello Mary!

    Just a not to thank you for your support of this cause. The truth is that most writers can’t afford to protect their work through copyright litigation. If we successfully press this case forward and win the right to treat the sale-for-profit of plagiarized work as Consumer Fraud, then we finally have a method that doesn’t cost the writer. We file for Consumer Fraud (for free) with the Attorney General any time we find our stolen works being stolen. They consider the sale of pirated DVDs to be Consumer Fraud- why not books?

    Ferrel (Rick) Moore


  2. Hi there! No problem, Ferrel — I think it’s a great idea, what you’re doing, and I hope it sets a precedent and becomes a deterrent for this kind of theft in the future.

    It would be wonderful if with the backing of Tom Irons and Amazon, it can be seen to that Boyer can’t rip off anyone else. He’s a persistent and unapologetic blight on the genre, and has been for years.


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