So, as of this past weekend at Horrorfind, the last remaining nine hard cover limited edition copies of Thrall sold out.  Thanks to all of you who bought one — I hope you enjoy it!  For those folks who missed getting one but would still like to buy the book, I have been told the e-book version will be available this month, and it’s my understanding that the audiobook version is close to being ready for release as well.  The Works page will be updated with links as these versions become available.

A large number of soft cover copies of For Emmy sold this weekend as well (thanks, folks!), but you can still pick up a copy from Thunderstorm Books if you missed Horrorfind.  Later this month, I believe both the signed, limited edition hard cover of this novella, featuring the bonus story, “The Nurses of Haversham,”  and the e-book version will be available, as well.

Other projects are fast on the horizon: new novels and other fun stuff.  Check here for updates. 🙂


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