Barbarians and Ladies

Issue #6 of Dark Horse Comics’ CONAN: ROAD OF KINGS (illustrated by the awesome Mike Hawthorne) is out today, and features an appearance by yours truly and Brian Keene. Go forth and pick one up today, or feel the wrath of my medieval weaponry!

(For the curious, yes, actually. I have daggers and a flail.)

Also, please consider helping out the Shirley Jackson Awards committee in their fundraising efforts to continue the award. In its short lifetime, it is already considered by many to be a highly prestigious award, and I believe it should be supported.

Finally, just a reminder to folks that by clicking the Facebook link over there on the right of this page, you can “Like” my new public FB page (as over time, I plan to cull the 1300+ people on my personal page and keep it to friends and family.


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