WHC 2011 – Programming Announced

Brian and I will be attending WHC in Austin, TX from April 28–April 31.  Brian is a Special Guest, and we both have readings and are participating in the Mass Signing.  Below is where we’ll be, if you’d like to stop by and say hello. 

Panel–How Much Money Do We Make?
10:00 PM Thursday April 28–Phoenix Central
Victoria Blake, Del Howison (M), Brian Keene, Rose O’Keefe, Yvonne Navarro,
Not a lot, probably. Talking about money is the last taboo, and horror is nothing but the genre of taboo breaking. Come hear from authors, publishers, booksellers, and more about that most vital of professional questions—”Are you rich yet?”

Brian Keene Seminar
1:00–5:00 PM Friday, April 29–Boardroom
Requires pre-registration. SOLD OUT!

Reading–Brian Keene
10:00 PM Friday April 29–Robertson

Reading–Mary SanGiovanni
10:30 PM Friday April 29–Robertson

I’ll Kill You With My Bare Hands! (Well, Maybe a Gun…)
11:00 AM Saturday, April 30–Dezavala
Brian Keene, Joe Lansdale (M), Wrath James White, Hank Schwaeble, Lincoln Crisler, Sandra Wickham, Adam Coates
Violence is easy, but writing violence is difficult. Hear from martial artists, gun aficionados, and combat veterans on how to get the blood, guts, and fistfights correct.

How To Break In To Comics
4:00 PM Saturday, April 30–Phoenix Central
Steve Niles, Joe Hill, Brian Keene, Joe Lansdale, James Chambers
Comics are fun! Comics are colorful! Comics are…gross? The rise of an adult audience for comics means that horror is back in all its four-panel glory, but what does it take to write for the comics industry? Do you need art skills, or an artist of your own? Can a beginner get a crack at established characters? No cliffhangers here, we’ll just tell you!

Things We Used To Care About
5:00 PM Saturday, April 30–Dezavala
Brian Keene (M), Chad Savage, Lois Gresh, Kelly Laymon, Rain Graves, Chad Hensley
Splatterpunk versus quiet horror! Dare you publish a story on the Internet?? Which email newsletter should I read first? Will role-playing games save the genre? And how’s about all those great new small presses that are being founded every month? On this panel we talk about the old controversies and contentious issues that history has solved for us.

7:30–10:00 PM Saturday, April 30–Phoenix Central


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