Many Genres, One Craft: New Website

The website for upcoming book MANY GENRES ONE CRAFT: LESSONS IN WRITING POPULAR FICTION (in which I have an article titled “Mood and Atmosphere in Horror”) went live recently.

Check it out if you’re so inclined, and share it with any aspiring writers in your life who may have an interest in learning from this book. The book is scheduled for a Spring release, and so the website will be updated pretty regularly with features and news, including profiles of the contributors.

Both the editors, Heidi Ruby Miller and Mike Arnzen, are incredibly talented and hard-working writers, and the list of fellow contributors is impressive (and includes several horror folk):

Michael A. Arnzen
Rebecca Baker
Shelley Bates
Michael Bracken
Gary A. Braunbeck
Crystal B. Bright
Jennifer Brisendine
Sally Bosco
Christopher Paul Carey
Ginger Clark
Lawrence C. Connolly
David J. Corwell
Susan Crandall
Kaye Dacus
Penny Dawn
John DeChancie
C. Coco DeYoung
Matt Duvall
Natalie Duvall
Ron Edison
Elaine Ervin
Timons Esaias
Tess Gerritsen
Venessa Giunta
Leslie Davis Guccione
Anne Harris
W.H. Horner
Lee Allen Howard
KJ Howe
Russ Howe
Scott A. Johnson
Nancy Kress
Chun Lee
Patrice Luneski
Susan Mallery
Dana Marton
Lee McClain
Mike Mehalek
Sharon Mignerey
Barbara Miller
Heidi Ruby Miller
Jason Jack Miller
Mary Ann Mogus
Thomas F. Monteleone
David Morrell
Catherine Mulvany
Nicole Peeler
Adrea Peters
Patrick Picciarelli
Steven Piziks
Rachael Pruitt
Lynn Salsi
Mary SanGiovanni
David Shifren
Randall Silvis
Lucy A. Snyder
Maria V. Snyder
Victoria Thompson
Tim Waggoner
Albert Wendland
Teffanie Thompson White
Karen Lynn Williams
K. Ceres Wright

Many of these folks, by the way, are associated with the Writing Popular Fiction Masters program at Seton Hill, which I found to be an incredibly wonderful experience.


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